10 facts about Big Bag Filling Machine

  1. A load cell-equipped pneumatic bag clamper and platform may fill bags at two different speeds according to a predetermined weight. has a weighing mechanism with excellent speed and precision.
  2. A servo motor drives the tray up and down while it is being filled, and the up-down pace can be arbitrarily regulated.
  3. Perform steadily and precisely with an auger operated by a servo motor and servo drive.
  4. Touchscreen display, PLC control, and simplicity of use
  5. Split or combination hoppers made of stainless steel are simple to clean.

  1. Featuring a height-adjustable handwheel that accommodates numerous bag sizes
  2. The material quality won’t be impacted by fixed screw installation.
  3.   Process: put bag/can(container) on the machine → container raise → fast filling, container declines → weight reaches the pre-set number → slow filling → weight reaches the goal number → take the container away manually
  4. It should be noted that the pneumatic bag-clamp and can-hold set is optional.
  5. Fill by volume or fill by weight are the two filling options that can be switched between.

Technical Specification


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