3 Different Loading System

You can load your products in three different ways, as follows:

Manual with platform ladder

A larger ribbon mixer requires the use of a platform ladder. to load products quickly and be accessible. A ladder to offer a steady surface for use at larger mixer sizes. At the top, there is a sizable level platform, handrails, and additional safety elements.

Manual with step ladders

Step ladders are frequently used to load various products into middle-sized ribbon mixers with ease.

  • Position the step ladder in a level, stable area. Do not use it on slick or uneven surfaces.

Automatic with screw conveyor

It serves as the link between the conveyor and ribbon mixer in automatic loading. Powder and small granule materials can be transported from one machine to another using a screw feeder.

Guidelines for Safe Use:

  • Check the loading system before use to see if there are any damage, flaws, or missing parts.
  • Prioritize safety above all else when using.



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