An Easy to Clean, Maintain and Operate Powder Filling Machine

The most users’ concerns are about upkeep and cleaning. If it is simple to clean and maintain. Also, how easy is it to use? So, let us learn more about how simple and effective the powder filling machine is.

An auger filling machine is a dosing machine that fills the correct amount of a product into its container like bottle, jar, bags, etc. It is appropriate for filling powdery or granular materials.

The product is stored in the hopper, and a rotating screw dispenses the material from the hopper through the dosing feeder in each cycle, dispensing a predetermined amount of the product into the package.

Is it easy to clean?

All machines are constructed of stainless steel 304, with stainless steel 316 material available in various feature materials such as corrosive materials.
Each piece of the machine is fully welded and polished, as is the hopper side gap, which is fully welded and has no gaps, making it very easy to clean.

Tops Group improved the hopper’s half-open design; no need to disassemble any accessories; simply open the quick release buckle of the fixed hopper to clean it. Reduce the time it takes to replace materials and clean the machine.

Is it easy to operate?

All types of powder filling machines are PLC and touch screen controlled. The operator can adjust the filling weight and do parameter settings directly on the touch screen.

Featuring Product Receipt Memory
During the manufacturing process, many factories will replace materials of various types and weights. A powder filling machine with an auger can store ten different formulas. When you want to change a product, all you must do is find the corresponding formula. There is no need to test more than once before packaging. Very convenient and practical.

Interface in multiple languages
The touch screen’s standard configuration is in English. If you require configuration in multiple languages, we can customize the interface in multiple languages to meet your needs.

Is it easy to maintain?

Yes, it easy!

-Add a little oil once every three or four months.

–  Add a little Grease on the stir motor chain once every three or four months.

–  The sealing strip on both sides of the material bin may become aging nearly one year later. Replace them if needed.

-The sealing strip on both sides of the hopper may become aging nearly one year later. Replace them if needed.

-Clean the material bin in time

-Clean hopper in time

Shanghai TOPS GROUP has specialized in powder and particle metering equipment.

We’ve learned a lot of advanced technologies in the last ten years and used them to improve our machines.

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