An Overview of Ribbon Mixing Machine Parts

The following are the lists of Ribbon Mixing Machine parts:

The Tank’s Lid: Its entirely open design makes it simple to clean and enables hand feeding.

Silica Gel: It has an effective sealing capability, and it is simple to maintain and clean.

The Hydraulic Strut: It opens automatically, saves time, and effort, and can facilitates lid closure with a pulling force.

The blending components are stored in the mixing tank.

The Ribbon Agitator: It propels the product through the mixing tank’s two-ends, generating continuous flow and blends in various directions.

The ribbon agitator is moved by the rotation of the rotating shaft.

Control Panel: This feature enables users to alter the machine’s settings and switch it on or off.

The discharge chute: It has silica in the middle which serves as a sealing function to stop any material leakage. The discharge hole’s valve flap creates a tight seal that keeps material from escaping.

The casters: They offer a machine with better support. The machine is movable with the use of bottom wheels which makes it useful for production.

Control Panel

The Ribbon Mixing Machine operating instructions are as follows:

  • To turn the power on or off, you have to move the main power switch to the desired position.
  • To stop or resume the power supply, press or turn the emergency stop switch clockwise.
  • Use the timer to set the number of hours, minutes, and seconds that you want to spend in mixing.
  • To start the mixing process, click the “ON” button. When the allotted amount of time has passed, the blending will automatically stop.
  • If necessary, press the “OFF” button to manually halt the mixing process.
  • To open or close the discharge, switch the discharge to the ON or OFF position. If the ribbon agitator keeps spinning continuously when discharging, materials will be released from the bottom more quickly.



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