Application of VFFS Packing Machine

The vertical packing machine can automatically form, fill, and seal bags. It can work with auger filler for powder material like laundry detergent, milk powder, and more. It can also work with a linear weigher or multi-head weigher for granule material like puffed food, candy sugar, and so on.

Check the video:


  • Computerized touch screen, simple to adjust and operate, and simple to change products, with exceptional appearance system, simple and quick repair.
  • The transducer controls the movement of the horizontal seal frame, and the speed of movement can be adjusted on the touch screen voluntarily.
  • The encoder precisely controls the working time of vertical seal, horizontal seal, cutter, and other moving elements, and it can be adjusted via the touch screen.
  • Could finish making bags, sealing, printing, and optional functions such as connected bags system, European style hole punching, nitrogen system, and more.
  • Design with alarms for clipping material, door open, a rolled film in the incorrect position, no print tape, no rolled film, and so on; can be adjusted on the touch screen for film running deviation.
  • The advanced design makes it very easy to adjust, operate, and maintain when used by various professions.
  • Can be used with any type of automatic metering equipment, both domestic and foreign.

It can connect with:

auger filler to pack powder products.

For packing granular products, it can connect with a linear weigher or a multi-head weigher.

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