Automatic Doypack Machine Options Exist

double position

Please check the video:

A fully automatic packaging machine can perform the functions of the bag opening, zipper opening, filling, and heat sealing. Many industries use it, including the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


1 bag holder 6 open the bag
2 frame 7 filling hopper
3 Electric box 8 heat seal
4 take the bag 9 Finished product delivery
5 zipper opening device 10 Temperature Controller

Let’s find out the options:

– Zipper Opener (one more Station)

Before filling, open the closed zipper; the tip above the zipper should be at least 26-30mm.

It is suitable for a Closed Zipper Pouch; the minimum bag width is 120mm.


-Zipper closing mechanism

The rolled wheels transport it between the filling station and the sealing station.

Before heat sealing, the zipper would be closed after filling. It is beneficial for powder application to avoid powder accumulation on the zipper.

As shown in the photos, the filled bag is passed through the Rolled Wheel to close the zipper.

-A bag-supporting device

  1. The bag holder’s load-bearing capacity is limited. When the filling weight exceeds 1 kg, the bag holder must share the load-bearing capacity of the bag holder to keep the bag from slipping.
  2. Hold the bottom of the bag when filling fluffy materials or bags with an incomplete bottom opening, such as side gusset bags, and work with the vibration function to help the material fill the bottom of the bag quickly and evenly.

-Side gusset shaping tool

After filling, it aids in shaping the side gusset.

-Printer for dates

Print max 3 lines, max 11 letters/line

-A gas-flushing device

  1. Nitrogen infusion
  2. Before filling, use a gas flush to help open the bag.

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