Bottle Screw Capping Machine

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Conveyor brings caps up and                                                       Sensor detecting makes cap feeder

blower blows caps into track.                                                            run and  stop automatically.



Error caps sensor can find inverted                                                   Bottle separator can adiust the

caps easily.Automatic error lids remover                                            conveying speed of bottles.

and bottle sensor,assure good capping effect.



The maximum speed of linear conveyor                                     Three pairs of wheel twist cap off fast,

the first pair can be set into reverse turn

and automatic cap feeding is 100bpm                                         to make caps in its correct position quickly.



One button to adiust the height of                                             Wheels to adiust width of buttle capping track

whole capping device.

④Easy Operate


PLC&touch screen control easy to operate



Emergency button to stop the machine




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