Different Types of Packing Machine

There are different types of Packing Machine, which we will discuss in this blog.

VFFS Packing Machine

It can automatically form, fill, and seal bags. Automatic machines can work with auger fillers for powder materials like washing powder, milk powder, and so on. This machine can also work with a linear weigher or multiheaded weigher for irregularly granulated material like puffed food, candy sugar, and so on.



It can handle round corner stick pack with irregular-shape sealing and other sachet/stick pack. When packing powder materials, the auger filling is connected.





Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine

Simple to use, advanced PLC from Germany, Siemens, partner with touch screen and electric control system, friendly human-machine interface.

Working Process:

1: Giving bag                                                  5: Filling

2: Coding date                                               6: Reserve

3: Open the zipper                                        7: Closing the zipper, and sealing

4: Open the top and bottom                       8: Forming and output


Auto-Doy-Pack Machine

dual station






Fully automatic packaging machines can perform bag opening, zipper opening, filling, and heat sealing. Many industries, including food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, use it extensively.



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