The glass bottle capping machine automatically pushes and screws lids into glass bottles. It pushes the caps more precisely and keeps the caps undamaged. In terms of performance, this machine excels at intermittent capping.

It can respond to different packing line speeds due to its continuous capping design. Glass bottles and screw caps come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes. This machine is flexible and simple to operate.

We also have mixing machine, filling machine, packing machine and labeling machine.


Glass Bottle Capping Machine Types

standard design

The TP-TGXG-200 model automatically pushes and screws lids onto glass bottles. It can be customized to your specifications.

lift capping machine

Another technique is where the conveyor takes the caps up and blows them into the track using an effective blowing operation.

vibration capping machine

The arrangement of the cap as it rises is produced by three layers within, beginning at the bottom and ascending to the top.

The Procedure

The cap control mechanism gathers the cap and positions it at a 30° angle. When the glass bottle splitter separates the glass bottle, it moves through the cap area, lowering the cap and covering the mouth of the glass bottle. The glass bottle advances along the conveyor belt, and the capping belt presses the cap tightly as it passes through three pairs of capping wheels.

The capping wheels apply force to both sides of the cap, tightening it and completing the glass bottle capping procedure.

Bottle clamp belt
working principle

The Process

The two primary components are the capping area and the lid feeding area.

Glass bottles enter (could be connected to the auto packing line)

Convey → bottles at the same spacing → lifting lids → Place lids on → Lids are screwed and pressed → Bottles are out.



-The conveyor elevates the caps, which are then blown into the track by the blower.

-Cap feeders automatically start and stop in response to sensor detection.

-Inverted caps can be easily detected using the wrong cap sensor. The bottle sensor and automatic lid remover ensure that the bottle is properly capped.

-A bottle separator can be used to control how quickly bottles are delivered.

efficient, easy operate

Efficient & Easy Operate

-The linear conveyor and automatic cap feeding have a top speed of 100 bpm.

-Three pairs of wheels quickly remove caps. The first pair can be reversed to quickly make caps in the correct location.

-PLC with a touch screen control that is simple to use.

-To stop the machine, use the emergency stop button.


-The capping device’s overall height is controlled by a single button.

-Wheels for adjusting the width of the bottle capping track

-Adjust the speeds of the cap feeder, bottle conveyor, capping wheels, and bottle separator.

-Use the switch to control the speed of each capping wheel set.


Packing Line

packing line A
Packing line B

Packing Line A

Bottle unscrambler +auger filler  + glass bottle capping machine + foil sealing machine

Packing Line B

bottle unscrambler + auger filler + glass bottle capping machine + foil sealing machine + labeling machine

banner (4)
TP-TGXG-200 Glass Bottle Capping Machine
Capacity 50-120 bottles/min Dimension 2100*900*1800mm
Bottles diameter Φ22-120mm ( customized according to requirement )  

Bottles height

60-280mm (customized according to requirement )
Lid size Φ15-120mm Net Weight 350kg
Qualified rate ≥99% Power 1300W



Stainless steel 304




220V/50-60Hz(or customized)


1. What are the Main Features of the Machine?

  •   Used for bottles and caps of various shapes and material.
  •   With PLC & touch screen control, easy to use.
  •   Suitable for all types of packaging lines, with a high and adjustable speed.
  •   The one-button start feature is quite convenient.
  •   The machine becomes more humanized and intelligent as a result of the detailed design.
  •       A good ratio in terms of machine appearance, as well as a high-level design and appearance.
  •   The machine’s body is composed of SUS 304 and meets GMP standards.
  •   All contact parts with the bottle and lids are constructed of food-safe materials.
  •   The size of different bottles will be displayed on a digital display screen, which will make changing bottles easier (Option).
  •   Optronic sensor to detect and remove bottles that have been incorrectly capped (Option).
  •   Automatically feed in lids with a stepped lifting system.
  •   The belt used to press the lids is inclined, allowing it to adjust the lid into the proper position before pressing.

2.What is the Use of the Machine?

The glass bottle capping machine is used to screw caps on glass bottles automatically. This is designed for use in an automated packing line. This machine is a continuous capping machine, not an intermittent capping machine. This machine is more efficient than intermittent capping because it securely presses the lids and causes less damage to the lids. It’s now widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

3.What is the Function of Each Part of a Glass Bottle Capping Machine?


-The blower blows caps into the cap track after the conveyor has brought caps to the top.

-The cap feeder’s automatic running and stopping is controlled by a cap lack detecting device. Two sensors are located on opposite sides of the cap track, one to determine if the track is full of caps and the other to determine if the track is empty.

-Inverted lids are easily detected by the error lids sensor. Error caps remover and bottle sensor work together to achieve a satisfactory capping effect.

-By changing the moving speed of bottles at its position, the bottle separator will separate them from one another. In most cases, one separator is required for round bottles, and two separators are required for square bottles.


-The bottle conveyor and cap feeder have a maximum speed of 100 bpm, allowing the machine to run at a high speed to accommodate varied packaging lines.

-Three pairs of wheel twist caps off rapidly; the first pair can be reversed to swiftly place caps in the correct position.


-Adjust the height of the entire capping system with just one button.

-Adjust the width of the bottle capping track with the wheels.

-Cap feeder, bottle conveyor, capping wheels, and bottle separator can all be switched to open, close, or change speed.

-Flip the switch to change the speed of each set of capping wheels.

Easy to operate

-The use of a PLC and a touch screen control system with a simple operating program makes work easier and more efficient.

-The emergency stop button allows the machine to be stopped immediately in an emergency, keeping the operator safe.

4. Is the Machine Customized?

Yes, it can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. It is designed for use in an automated packing line and can add other processing equipment.

There are options:

Packing line 1

The glass bottle capping machine can be integrated with filling and labeling machinery to create a packing line. Some examples are: bottle unscrambler + auger filler + glass bottle capping machine + foil sealing machine.

Packing line 2

The glass bottle capping machine can be connected with filling and labeling equipment to produce a packing line. Just a few examples include a bottle unscrambler + auger filler + glass bottle capping machine + foil sealing machine + labeling machine.

5. Is an Engineer Available to Serve Overseas?

Yes, but the travel fee is your responsibility.

In order to save your cost, we will send you a video of full details of the machine installation and assist you till the end.

6. How can we Make Sure About the Machine Quality After Placing the Order?

Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the machine quality. And also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in China.

7. How Long Does the Machine Lead Time?

For standard glass bottle capping machine, the lead time is 25 days after receiving your down payment. As to customized machines, the lead time is about 30-35 days upon receiving your deposit. Such as customizing additional functions, etc.

8. What Shape Bottle/Jar can the Machine Handle?

The glass bottle capping machine can be applied to bottles with screw caps of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Bottle size

It is suitable for bottles of 20-120mm in diameter and 60-180mm in height. Outside of this range, it can be adjusted to fit any bottle size.

Bottle shape

The capping machine can cap bottles of all shapes and sizes, including round, square, and sophisticated designs.

Bottle and cap material

The capping machine can handle different types of glasses, plastics, or metals. 

Screw cap type

Any kind of screw cap, such as a pump, spray, or drop cap, can be screwed on using the capping machine.

9. How to Confirm If the Machine Material is SS304 or SS316?

304 stainless steel is a multipurpose stainless steel that has a higher rust resistance than stainless steels in the 200 series. It is also better to have a high temperature resistance. The corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel is outstanding, as is the resistance to intergranular corrosion. While 316 stainless steel the corrosion resistance and high temperature strength of 316 stainless steel have greatly improved. It has a high temperature resistance of 1200-1300 degrees and can be used in harsh environments.

10. How can I Find a Third Party to Check the Machine Quality?

The recommended third party is SGS, BV ,which is a famous institution for goods quality inspection.  They have branches in most countries in the world, you can search the internet and get their contact info easily.

11. How About If There is a Factory Defect?

For factory defects, you can call or email a customer service hotline and for that, you will be advised on what is the best solution for the machine.

12 . How is the Quality Inspection Before Machine Delivery?

Before you make the order, our sales will communicate all details with you until you get a satisfying solution from our technician. We can use your product or similar one in the China market to test our machine, then feed you back the video to show the effect.

After making the order, you can appoint an inspection body to check your glass bottle capping machine in our factory.

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