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How Ribbon Blender Works?

The horizontal ribbon blender works with an inner ribbon that carries the material from the center to the outside and an outer ribbon that moves the material from two sides to the center. When moving the materials, the two ribbons are joined in a rotating direction. The horizontal ribbon blender allows you to mix in less time while getting a better result.

We have ribbon blender ,paddle and V mixer.

Ribbon Blending Machine Application Industry

The horizontal ribbon blender is certainly effective and efficient for combining powdered applications such as pastry mixing, cereals ,protein powders, salt, seasonings, coffee powders, and etc.
When using a horizontal ribbon blender, it is highly helpful for mixing metallic powder mixes, coating powders, polyester granules and powders,sodium hydride powders and other chemicals.
In the medical field, the horizontal ribbon blender is beneficial for mixing magnesium chloride powders ,talc powders and all other types of medical powders and small granules.
When blending powders such as milk powder, dairy powder, and others, the horizontal ribbon blender helps massively , It is the most popular mixing machine for milk powder factories.
The eyeshadow powders, paste cream and a variety of other cosmetic goods are all processed with the this machine. The mirror polished surface make the cosmetic materials no stick in the tank.
Fertilizers, organic fertilizers, biofertilizers, protein powder, minerals, bactericides, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and other agricultural applications are using the horizontal ribbon blender.

Ribbon Blender with Weight Checker

The blender can be installed with load cell on the foots , then the load cell can check weight. When you feed products into the blender,  the total feeding weight will show on the screen. The weight accuracy can be customized as your mixing requirements. 

If your  mixing products require ratio and you has no good way to dose the products, this blender with load cell can solve your problem perfectly.

small ribbon mixer
spraying system

Ribbon Blender with Spraying System

Customers can also request that the horizontal ribbon blender be supplied with extra features such as a spraying system that includes a pump, a nozzle, and a hopper. It can be customized according to your desired specifications. A small amount of liquid can be mixed into a powder material.

At the end of the mixing procedure, it can have a paste-like material.

Ribbon Blending Machine Projects

ribbon blender
Stairs for small model mixers, working platforms with steps for larger model mixers, and feeders for automatic loading are all available to make the operation of a horizontal ribbon blender more convenient.
mixing line
Raw materials will be mixed by the mixer and enter the transition hopper, then a screw feeder will transport the storage powder to the packing machine. The packing machine can be either automatic or semi-automatic type.
Ribbon Blender
The operation of the horizontal ribbon blender is made more convenient with a working platform with steps for big model mixers. Both the steps and platform can be customized according to customer’s actual site.
Mixing Filling Project
To form a manufacturing line, a horizontal ribbon blender can be connected with a screw conveyor, hopper, and auger filler.The storage hopper can stock the mixed powder ,then mixer can work again for next batch.
The TDPM 10000L model of the horizontal ribbon blender has a 10,000-liter capacity and can mix large amounts of materials.You can even send Tops the general volume that you need, we can customize any size for you.
The TDPM 12000L model of the horizontal ribbon blender has a 12,000-liter capacity and can be more convenient with a working platform with steps for this big model mixer, also the big feeders to mixer are available.


1. What Materials Are Used for The Horizontal Ribbon Blender?

 Horizontal ribbon blender materials are made of:

  • Stainless steel 304 materials can also be made of 316 and 316 L stainless steel. It depends on the customer’s requirements.
  • Inside the tank of the horizontal ribbon blender is a complete mirror polished as well as the ribbon and shaft.
  • All parts of the horizontal ribbon blender are fully welded.
  • You can guarantee that the horizontal ribbon blender has obtained a good quality standard.

2. Why Does It Have the Capacity to Mix Materials?

 The horizontal ribbon blender has the capacity to mix materials because it has a ribbon agitator made up of an inner and outer helical agitator. The outer ribbon moves materials one way, while the inner ribbon moves materials the other way. The ribbons rotate approximately to move the materials both radially and laterally to ensure the blends in short cycle times.

3. How Long Do The Ingredients Mix?

 It takes 5–10 minutes to be effective in mixing, even less within 3 minutes. Dry and solid ingredients are a simple process that can easily be blended by the horizontal ribbon blender and can handle the bulk density of ingredients and give the right size of result.

4. How Many Liters of Capacity Are Available in a Machine?

The horizontal ribbon blender has different capacities in liters, such as 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, and 10000L. Above 10,000 liters, we customize.

5. Why Is The Mixing Time Too Fast Compared to Other Machines?

The mixing time is too fast compared to others because our horizontal ribbon blender has an additional function of speed adjustment, which can be customized by installing a frequency converter, and it can be adjusted to a higher speed.

6. What Are The Qualities of The Horizontal Ribbon Blender?

Here are the qualities of the horizontal ribbon blender:

-Discharge sealing has no dead angles when discharging.

-Full welding is so important for food and pharmaceutical machines. Powder is easy to hide in gaps, which may pollute fresh powder if residual powder goes bad. But full-welding and polishing can ensure no gap between hardware connections, which can show machine quality and usage experience.

-Easy to clean when cleaning the horizontal ribbon blender. It is safe to clean, less hassle and less time-consuming.

-Charging or feeding powder material to the horizontal ribbon blender can ensure convenience and satisfaction.

-Easy to operate and guarantees safe operation

7. How Long Does It Take to Ship The Machine From China?

It takes 7–10 days to produce a standard model. If you want to customize your horizontal ribbon blender, your machine can be done in 30–45 days. Shipped by air, it takes 7–10 days. Shipping by sea takes 10–60 days. It depends on your location.

8. What Certificates Does The Horizontal Ribbon Blender Usually Need?

Different countries and areas need different types of certificates for  blenders. Usually  CE certificate is mostly popular needed for a horizontal ribbon blender. And CSA certificate is usually needed for Canada market, UL certificate is usually needed for America market.

9. Does Horizontal Ribbon Blender Need After Sale Service?

The horizontal ribbon blender has simple structure , the critical technology points are shaft sealing and discharge sealing , if these are well designed by manufacturer, the blender almost doesn’t need after sale service.

10.Why is it Called a Horizontal Ribbon Blender?

It is called a “horizontal ribbon blender” because this stainless steel ribbon blender mixer is made up of transmission parts, twin ribbon agitators, and a U-shaped chamber. A horizontal ribbon blender agitator is made up of an inner and outer helical agitator. The outer ribbon moves materials one way, while the inner ribbon moves materials the other way. The ribbons rotate approximately to move the materials both radially and laterally to ensure the blends in short cycle times. All connection parts of the horizontal ribbon blender are fully welded. There is no dead angle when the mixture is generated by all the 304 stainless steel horizontal ribbon blender materials, and it is easy to clean and easy to use.

11.Why is it Effective for Many Industries?

It is commonly used for dry solid blending and liquid materials and is used in the following applications:

Pharmaceutical industry: mixing prior to powders and granules.

chemical industry: metallic powder mixtures, pesticides, herbicides, and many more.

The food processing industry: cereals, coffee mixes, dairy powders, milk powder, and many more.

Construction industry: steel preblends and etc.

Plastics industry : mixing of masterbatches, mixing of pellets, plastic powders, and many more.

Polymers and other industries.

Many industries are now using horizontal ribbon blenders.

12.What are The Main Differences Between a Horizontal Ribbon Blender and Other Mixer Machines?

The horizontal ribbon blender is effective for mixing powders, powder with liquid, and powder with granules, and even the smallest quantity of ingredient can be blended efficiently in large volumes.

Other mixer machines:

 The V-mixer is a versatile and effective mixing machine for homogeneously combining dry materials. The V Mixer is suitable for powder, granule-type materials, etc. The amount of material put into the v mixer has an impact on its efficiency. The v mixer recommended fill-up volume is 40% to 60% of the overall mixing volume. For this, the materials inside the machine can move freely and result in a good mixture.

 Paddle mixer is applicable for mixing powder and powder, granular and powder, granule and granule, or adding a small amount of liquid. If the mix consists of materials with very different densities, it is easy to break, and will melt or get sticky when the temperature is higher.

13.Why is it Effective for Mixing Powder and Granular?

It has a ribbon agitator and a U-shaped chamber for highly balanced mixing of materials. The ribbon agitator is made up of inner and outer helical agitators. The inner ribbon moves the material from the center to the outside, while the outer ribbon moves the material from two sides to the center, and it is combined with the rotating direction when moving the materials. A horizontal ribbon blender gives a short time for mixing while providing a better mixing effect.


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