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Hot Liquid Blender

Shanghai Tops Group has designed a hot liquid blender. The design includes the primary emulsifying pot, a water pot, an oil pot, and a work-frame. It can stir at low speeds, achieve high dispersion, dissolve hot  liquids, and mix liquid and solid ingredients. 

Suitable for high viscosity material mixing in industrial mass manufacturing.

Shanghai Tops Group Different Types of Hot Liquid Blender

standard design
The spiral blade's unusual design, high-viscosity hot liquid substances can go up and down without taking up space.
standard design (2)
The smaller hot liquid blender can be customized to meet the demands of a customer.
The large type of hot liquid blender can be customized to meet specific customer needs.
single and double head jacket
Depending on the production process, the materials in the jacket are either heated or cooled.
With Pressure Gauge
It advised viscous hot liquid ingredients mixed in a hot liquid blender with a pressure gauge.
With platform (3)
It can introduce a hot liquid blender mixing pot. The control cabinet is on the platform.
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Hot Liquid Blender Function

The motor, which works as a drive component, rotates the triangle wheel. It’s an easy, low-noise, and precise technique. The pot has an adjustable-speed stirring paddle, and the homogenizer is at the bottom.

The components are carefully mixed, blended, and swirled together.

liquidificador blender
With platform (3)

Personalized Design

The hot liquid blender is customizable. You are free to use as many blades as you like. A hot liquid blender with a pressure gauge can suggest viscous materials.

The bottom homogenizer can be adjusted to fit the homogenizer above it. A PLC and a touchscreen are included in the electric control system.

Certificates CE, CSA, and UL

All of our products have CE certificates, which attest to full compliance with safety regulations. It is inspected to ensure that it adheres to all applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations.

Our products have been independently tested and certified to exceed quality standards, and we have CSA and UL certificates to prove it.

full certificates

Hot Liquid Blender Application Industry

pharma (2)
It is applied for syrup, ointment, oral liquid and more
It is for soup, chocolate, jelly, beverage and more
personal care (2)
Like shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser and more
cosmetics (2)
Creams, liquid eyeshadow, makeup remover and more
chemical (3)
It is widely used in oil paint, paint, glue and more
Drinks of any kind
Model Effective


Dimension of tank






Agitator speed(r/min)
TPLM-500 500 Φ800×900 1700 0.55 63
TPLM-1000 1000 Φ1000×1200 2100 0.75
TPLM-2000 2000 Φ1200×1500 2500 1.5
TPLM-3000 3000 Φ1600×1500 2600 2.2
TPLM-4000 4000 Φ1600×1850 2900 2.2
TPLM-5000 5000 Φ1800×2000 3150 3
TPLM-6000 6000 Φ1800×2400 3600 3
TPLM-8000 8000 Φ2000×2400 3700 4
TPLM-10000 10000 Φ2100×3000 4300 5.5
We can customize the equipment according to customer requirements.
Tank Data sheet
Material 304 or 316 Stainless steel
Insulation Single layer or with insulation
Top Head type Dish top, Open lid top, Flat top
Bottom type Dish bottom, Conical bottom, Flat bottom
Agitator type impeller, Anchor , Turbine , High shear, magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper
magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper
Inside Finsh Mirror polished Ra<0.4um
Outside Finish 2B or Satin Finish



1. What are the Parts of the Hot Liquid Blender and its Functions?

Lid- Stainless steel material, half-open lid.

Pipe: All connection content parts adhere to GMP hygiene standards SUS316L, Sanitation grade accessories and valves are used.

Electric control system – (Can be customized to PLC + Touch screen)

Scraper blade and stirrer paddle

  • Full polishing of 304 stainless steel
  • Durability and wear resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Homogenizer
    • Homogenizer for the Bottom (can be customized to upper homogenizer)
    • SUS316L is the material.
    • Motor power is determined by capacity.
    • DELTA inverter, speed range: 0-3600rpm
    • Methods of processing: Before assembly, the rotor and stator are finished with wire-cutting machining and polished.

2. What Materials are Used to Construct a Hot Liquid Blender?

The following materials are used in hot liquid blender:

-304 stainless steel. It can also be made of stainless steel 316, but it depends on the customer’s requirements.

-Internal finish parts are fully welded and brightly polished, mirror polished Ra<0.4um.

-External finish parts are fully welded and brightly polished, 2B or Satin Finish.

– You can ensure that it meets the good grade standard.

3. What is the Working Principle?

The triangular wheel is rotated by the motor, which serves as a drive component. With the adjustable speed stirring of the paddle in the pot and the homogenizer at the bottom, the components are thoroughly mixed, blended, and stirred consistently. The operation is straightforward, noise-free, and accurate.

4. What is the Tank of a Hot Liquid Blender?

Material- 304 or 316 Stainless steel

Insulation- Single-layer or with insulation

Top Head type- Dish top, Open lid top, Flat top

Bottom type- Dish bottom, Conical bottom, Flat bottom

Agitator type- impeller, Anchor, Turbine, High shear, magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper

magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper

Inside Finish- Mirror polished Ra<0.4um

Outside Finish- 2B or Satin Finish

5. What are the Other Options?

  • A platform can also add to the mixing pot. On the platform, the control cabinet is implemented. Heating, mixing speed control, and heating time are all accomplished on a fully integrated operation system that is a structure for efficient operation.
  • You can use as many different blades as you want.
  • A hot liquid blender agitator with a pressure gauge is suggested for viscous materials.
  • The materials are heated or cooled by heating in the jacket, depending on the requirements of the manufacturing process. Set a specific temperature, when the temperature reaches the required level, the heating device will automatically turn off.

6. What’s the Better Choice Between a New Mixer and a Second-Hand Mixer?

The new mixer is the better choice because it is surely in good quality and you can get professional service and maintenance from the supplier;  But for the second hand mixer, you can’t get professional service from the supplier, and it is not easy to get customized spare parts in the market.

7. What Are the Strong Points of Chinese-Made Machines?

For its effective performance, China has earned the title of “the world’s factory.” Based on the success of the People’s Republic of China’s special economic zones, China has built economic and technological development zones. The objectives are to create a high-tech industry, attract foreign investment, increase trade, and enhance the country’s economy. Many, though, are capable of producing both high-tech and high-quality products. Just as factory wages in China keep going up, certain importers strive to explore success in purchasing products from the country.

8. What are the Quality Features of the Hot Liquid Blender?

  • A high-viscosity material mixture is ideal for industrial mass production.
  • The spiral blade’s unique design ensures that high viscosity material is transported up and down with no space.
  • A closed layout can prevent dust from floating in the sky, and a vacuum system is also accessible.

9. How Long Does Shipping Take From China?

The hot liquid blender to ship takes 7-10 days to produce a standard model. For a customized hot liquid blender, your machine can be done in 30-45 days. However, a hot liquid blender shipped by air takes 7-10 days. Shipping by sea takes 10-60 days. It depends on the distance of your location.   

10. What Industries Usually Use a Hot Liquid Blender ?

The hot liquid blender is applied to many industries, like pharmaceuticals, food, personal care, cosmetics, and the chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry: syrup, ointment, oral liquid and more

Food industry: soup, chocolate, jelly, beverage and more

Personal care industry: shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser and more

Cosmetics industry: creams, liquid eyeshadow, makeup remover and more

Chemical industry: oil paint, paint, glue and more

11. How to Confirm If the Machine Material is SS304 or SS316?

304 stainless steel is a multipurpose stainless steel that has a higher rust resistance than stainless steels in the 200 series. It is also better to have a high temperature resistance. The corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel is outstanding, as is the resistance to intergranular corrosion. While 316 stainless steel the corrosion resistance and high temperature strength of 316 stainless steel have greatly improved. It has a high temperature resistance of 1200-1300 degrees and can be used in harsh environments.

12. How do you Control the Mixing Speed?

Through adjusting the frequency converter; the hot liquid blender can be adjusted to the speed.

13. How Can I Find a Third Party to Check the Mixer Machine Quality?

The recommended third party is SGS, BV ,which is a famous institution for goods quality inspection.  They have branches in most countries in the world, you can search the internet and get their contact info easily.

14. How About If There is a Factory Defect?

For factory defects, you can call or email a customer service hotline and for that, you will be advised on what is the best solution for the machine.

15. How is the Quality Inspection Before Machine Delivery ?

Before you make the order, the sales representative will communicate all details with you until you get a satisfying solution from the technician. We can use your product or similar one in the China market to test the machine, then feed you back the video to show the effect.

After making the order, you can appoint an inspection body to check your hot liquid blender in our factory.


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