How to Determine Bulk Density?

Materials and tools required:

  • Formulation of raw materials.
  • A measuring tool, such as a one-liter cylinder
  • Metric



Note: During this process, use latex or rubber gloves (and, if required, proper food-grade clothes).


  1. Set the measuring device down on the scale.

– Remark: Verify that the scale displays a zero.

  1. Pour the raw material into the measuring device until it reaches the top.

– Note: When pouring, do not tap the material down or disrupt it.

  1. Note the material’s weight in kilos.
  2. Calculate the material’s weight in liters by dividing it by the measurement device’s capacity.

How to Use a Ribbon Blender to Mix Materials (smaller range)

Materials and tools required:

  • raw products
  • Ribbon Blender, TDPM Series
  • Container for blended materials
  • Safety eyewear
  • Disposable latex or rubber gloves (to shield hands from oil and for use with food-grade goods)
  • A hairnet or a beard net (for food-grade items only)
  • Sterile shoe coverings (only food-grade items)


WARNING: Use personal protective gear when using the TDPM.

Series Ribbon Blender: Make sure your long hair is pulled back or contained and stay away from jewelry that hangs free.


Note: During this process, use latex or rubber gloves (and, if needed, proper food-grade gear).

1. Make sure the mixing tank is spotless.

  1. Verify that the chute for discharge is closed.
  2. Lift the mixing tank’s cover.
  3. Load the materials into the mixing tank manually or with the aid of a conveyor.

Note: For best mixing results, pour enough material to cover the ribbon agitator. Fill the mixing tank no more than 70% of the way to avoid overflowing it.

  1. Close the mixing tank’s lid.
  2. Enter the timer’s desired duration (in hours, minutes, and seconds).
  3. To begin the mixing process, press the “ON” button. When the allotted time has passed, the mixing will automatically cease.
  4. Turn on the discharge switch by flipping it. The mixing motor might be turned on during this procedure to make it simpler to release the ingredients from the bottom.





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