Information on Using and Adjusting the Powder Mixer’s Settings

The timing parameters of the Ribbon Blender TDPM Series are modifiable.

Operation Time:

Individual products need to be completely blended and mixed throughout enough time. The control console of the TDPM Series Ribbon Blender contains a timer that lets you modify how long the machine runs.

Materials and Tools Required:

  • Disposable latex or rubber gloves (to shield hands from grease and for use with food-grade goods)
  • A hairnet or a beard net (for food-grade items only)
  • Sterile shoe coverings (only food-grade items)


Note: During this process, use latex or rubber gloves (and, if needed, proper food-grade gear).

  1. Enter the mixing time (H: hours, M: minutes, S: seconds).
  2. To begin operating, turn on the switch.




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