Is Tops Group a spice blender manufacturer?

Definitely, this is the response! Shanghai Tops Group is a spice blender manufacturer. The spice blender is made to blend several types of spices. A U-shaped horizontal mixing tank and mixing ribbons compose the system; the outer ribbon moves the powder from the ends to the center, while the inner ribbon does the opposite. The components of any spice are evenly mixed as a result of this countercurrent action.

A spice blender can be used to fully blend spices. In the end, you can mix the ingredients with spice powders in accordance with your own standards.

Using a spice blender, the following common items can be blended with spice powders:

Chili powder mixing with cumin and paprika powder.

Chili mixing with onion, salt, cumin, pepper, garlic and cayenne.

Smoky paprika and cumin



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