Liquid Mixing Blade Selection

A. Paddle agitators are mostly applied for low-viscosity applications and for thorough mixing effect.

B. Applications that require accurate mixing and even material distribution, suggested to use gear-type agitators.

C. In situations where extensive mixing, dissolving, and dispersion of materials are necessary, curved impeller turbine agitators are applied.

D. For specific applications, Gate Horseshoe Agitators is compatible.

E                                 F                                 G                                  H

E. If you need thorough mixing, frame-type agitators are best for you. Mostly food industry, pharma industry, used it.

F. When axial and radial flow are needed simultaneously, screw-strap agitators are a common choice.

G. For mixing and stirring tasks, propeller rob agitators are frequently found in a variety of industries. 

I                                   J                                   K                                L

I. When the agitator must fit through a smaller hole, foldable impeller turbine agitators are helpful.

J. For applications where extensive mixing and agitation are required, use curved impeller disk agitators.

K. In the wastewater treatment industry, umbrella-type agitators are frequently implemented.

L. Straight impeller disk agitators are often found in applications that call for easy and accurate mixing.

Liquid mixing video test:



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