Mini bag packing machine

1.Type style

single station                                        double stations

In terms of body size, compared with the horizontal bag feeding machine and the rotary bag feeding machine,

this kind of bag feeding machine occupies a smaller area. From this point of view, it can be called a mini bag feeding machine.

We  also  have  mixer ,filling,capping,labeling, screw conveyor machines

2. Application

Equipped with different measuring machines, it can pack powder, granular and liquid materials.

3. Exploded view of the machine

1 bag holder 6 open the bag
2 frame 7 filling hopper
3 Electric box 8 heat seal
4 take the bag 9 Finished product delivery
5 zipper opening device 10 Temperature Controller

4. Technical parameter

①. Speed: 10-15 bags/min

②. Bag width: 120-300mm, bag length: 120-400mm (can be customized)

③. Voltage: 220V/50HZ Single Phase 5 Amps

④. Compressed air: 6Kg/cm2, 0.14CBM per min;

⑤. Applicable bag type:

5. Details


Standard Mitsubishi PLC               Omron temperature control meter


German brand Schmalz (Schmalz)      Finished product delivery

Safety inner locking device

Marks on all lines                     Where the wire is fixed to the joint

6. Opptional Features

①. Zipper opening device

* The zipper should be at least 30mm from the top of the bag, otherwise the zipper cannot be opened.

* Zipper bag, the minimum bag width is 120mm, otherwise the zipper device will touch two small air cylinders and cannot open the zipper.

②. Zipper sealing device

* Between the filling station and the sealing station. After filling, close the zipper before heat sealing. For powder materials, avoid powder hiding on the zipper;

* The filled bag closes the zipper by the roller, as shown in the picture below

③. Tote bag


1) Hold the bottom of the bag when filling, and choose the vibration function to help the material fall evenly to the bottom of the bag.

2) The weight of the clip is limited, and the bottom of the bag needs to be supported to prevent the material from being too heavy and falling off the clip during filling.

In the following cases, it is recommended for customers to add a carrier bag device:

1) Weight over 1kg

2) Powder material

3) The packaging bag is a prong bag, which helps the material to fill the bottom of the bag quickly, and the material at the bottom is tidy by tapping

④. coding machine

⑤. filled with nitrogen

⑥. Gusseted device

For gusset bags, the machine needs to be equipped with a gusset device.


Q: What does your after-sales services?

A:Manual Installation Book, video support, on-line support Also engineers overseas.

2/Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A:We are the factory. we doing this line for more than 15 years.

Q:What’s your payment way?

A:TITby our bank account directly, or by alibaba trade assurance service, or by West Union,by LC, or cash,

and others.

Q:How can we make sure about the machine quality after we put the order?

A:Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the quality, and also you can arrangefor quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in the third party inspection organization.

Q:We are afraid you won’t send us the machine after we send you the money?

A:Please note our above business license and certificate.

And if you don’t trust us, then we can use alibaba trade assurance service or payment by LC,guarantee your money.


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