What is a mini-type horizontal mixer used for?

The mini-type horizontal mixer is appropriate for activities on a smaller scale. It can be used as an industrial mixing machine that mixes powders in liquid, powder-to-powder, and powder-to-granule mixtures. It is widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and construction industries. The ribbon/paddle agitators efficiently mix the ingredients with the use of a driven motor, achieving highly efficient and convective mixing in the smallest amount of time.

Tops Group also have paddle and V mixer.

What Type is Mini Horizontal Mixer?

The entire machine is made of stainless steel 304 components, with the ribbon, paddle, and shaft all fully polished mirrors inside the mixing tank. Turning speed: 0-48 r/min is adjustable.
Effective Volume 40L, Fully Volume 50L, total power 1.1kw, Total length 1074mm, Total width 698 mm, Total height 1141mm, Max Motor speed(rpm)48rpm, Power supply 3P AC208-480V 50/60HZ
With a shaft, it can effortlessly transition between a ribbon and a paddle stirrer. In the shortest amount of time, the ribbon or paddle of the mixer may mix the material more quickly and uniformly.

Discharge of Mini-Type Horizontal Mixer

There is a central manual slid valve located beneath the tank. The valve’s arc shape ensures that no materials build up and that there are no dead angles during the mixing operation.

Dependable, regular sealing prevents leaks between closed and open areas.


Science Laboratory test; “Machine Dealer Test Material for Customers;” Companies in the initial stages of business.

Model TDPM40
Effective Volume 40L
Fully Volume 50L
Total power 1.1kw
Total length 1074mm
Total width 698mm
Total height 1141mm
Max Motor speed(rpm) 48rpm
Power supply 3P AC208-480V 50/60HZ


1.What is the use of mini-horizontal mixer?

Mini-type horizontal mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction line. It can be used to mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granule. Under the use of the driven motor, the ribbon/paddle agitator’s mix the materials effectively and to get a highly efficient and much convective mixing in shortest time.

2.What are main features?

  • Under the bottom of the tank, there is a manual slid valve of the center. The valve is an arc design that assure no materials accumulated and without any dead angles when it comes in mixing process. Reliable regular seal prohibits the leakage between the close and
  • It can switch freely between the ribbon and paddle stirrer with a
  • The ribbon/paddle of the mixer can make the material mixed with more high-speed and uniformity in shortest time.
  • Whole machine stainless steel 304 materials and full mirror polished inside of the mixing tank, as well as ribbon, paddle and shaft. Turning speed 0-48r/min
  • With safety switch, safety grid, and safety wheels for safe and convenient usage.
  • The side walls can be opened, for easy and convenient cleaning.

3. What are the applications?

Science Laboratory test; “Machine Dealer Test Material for Customers;” Companies in the initial

stages of business.

4.What are the configurations?

Flexible Material Selections:

Materials can be carbon steel, SS304, SS316L; aside from a different material, it can also be used in combining process. Surface treatment for stainless steel includes coating Teflon, wiredrawing, polishing, mirror polishing, and all can be used in different parts of a mixer.

Flexible stirrer change:

Different product material has different request. Can switch freely between the ribbon and paddle stirrer with shaft according to different request. paddle is more suitable for granule mixing. One machine match two modes of mixing.

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