Optional Screw Feeder Selection

Why would someone use a screw feeder?

The screw feeder is equipment that transfers powder and granule material from one machine to another by rotating a screw that is driven by an electric motor. It’s efficient and works well. It can set up a line for production by cooperating with the packing equipment. As a result, it is often used in packing lines, particularly automated and semi-auto lines. It saves time and is easier to use.

These are optional components based on your preferences and needs.

  1. You get the option of selecting a square or round hopper for your intended design. Since products are made of high-quality materials, all forms are effective and durable.


  1. Both Plexiglass and stainless steel 304 make excellent and functional covers for hoppers. You can select the plexiglass cover of your choice if you like to see the products being processed.


3. Moreover, the U-shaped tube is optional based on your own preferences.



  1. Additionally, optional is a dust collector. Different industries use this type of air control. It gathers, eliminates impurities, cleans, and filters dust.



5. Inverter added, auger speed tunable. It is used to change electricity from direct current to alternative current.




6. For materials that are not very fluid, you can add a stirrer to the top of the lid.




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