Paddle Blender Application Industry

Many industries use paddle blenders to effectively mix powders, granules, and pastes. So, let’s look at which industries make the most use of paddle blenders.


What Industries Usually Use Paddle Blender?

paddle blender

Paddle blender is commonly used in industries such as:

Food industry- food products, food ingredients, food additives, food processing AIDS in various fields, and in the pharmaceutical intermediate, brewing, biological enzymes, food packaging materials are also widely used.

Agricultural industry- Pesticide, fertilizer, feed and veterinary medicine, advanced pet food, new plant protection production, and in cultivated soil, microbial utilization, biological compost, and desert greening.

Chemical industry- Epoxy resin, polymer materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials, nanomaterial and other rubber and plastic chemical industry; Silicon compounds and silicates and other inorganic chemicals and various chemicals.

Cosmetic IndustryThe eye shadow powders, paste cream and a variety of other cosmetic goods are all processed with this machine. The mirror polished surface makes the cosmetic materials not stick in the tank.

Medical Industry-In the medical field, the horizontal ribbon blender is beneficial for mixing magnesium chloride powders, talc powders and all other types of medical powders and small granules.

Battery industry- Battery material, lithium battery anode material, lithium battery cathode material and carbon material raw material production.

Comprehensive industry- Car brake material, plant fiber environmental protection products, edible tableware, etc.

And many more industries are using the Paddle Blender.

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