Parts of Auger Filling Machine

For today’s blog, we will tackle each part of auger filling machine.

The auger filling machine is composed of:

What is an auger filling machine?

The auger filling machine can dose and fill. It can be used for fine granular materials, low-fluidity materials, and other applications.  There’s a patent in the appearance of servo auger fillers.


– Perfect filling accuracy – a lathing auger screw is used.

-PLC control and a touch screen display.

– Consistent results – a servo motor powers the screw.

-The split hopper is easily cleaned without used of tools.

– Fully stainless steel 304 that could be configured to semi-auto filling through a pedal switch.

– Weight feedback and proportion track to components, which solves the challenges of filling weight variations owing to density variations in components.

-Save 20 formula settings for subsequent use in the machine.

-Varied materials ranging from fine powder to granule and different weights can be packed by switching the auger pieces.

Types of auger filling machine:

Powder Packing Machine



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