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Shanghai Tops-group is an expert powder mixer manufacturer in China. With over 21 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to customize machines according to your requirements. The average delivery time is one week.

No matter if the end-user needs a mixing machine urgently or the supplier wants to customize their own design, TOPS GROUP can handle the work and make you satisfied. We have horizontal ribbon blender ,paddle and V mixer.

Shanghai Tops Group Powder Mixer Machine Types

ribbon blender

A ribbon mixer has two types: a horizontal ribbon mixer and a double ribbon mixer. It is suitable to mix any powder with granules or powder with a small amount of water. The Ribbon mixer has a unique horizontal U-shaped design with a rotating agitator. It is effective and well mixed.

double paddle

A paddle mixer has a single-shaft paddle mixer, a double-shaft paddle mixer, and an open-type paddle mixer. It is widely used and proven to be effective for mixing and is applicable for mixing powders with granules and can also mix bulk solids with liquids or pastes. It takes 1-3 minutes of mixing.

v mixer

The V-mixer has two cylinders formed into a V-shape. It is composed of a mixing tank, a frame, a plexiglass door, a control panel system, and more. It is used for powdered materials. It has two symmetrical cylinders to create a gravitational mix that causes products to mix evenly. 

TDPM100-TDPM12000 are available models and can be customized to your needs. Both the mini-type ribbon mixer and the huge ribbon mixer capacity are available.

TPS100-TPS12000 are available models and can be customized according to your need’s capacity. Both the mini-type paddle mixer and the huge paddle mixer capacity are available.

TP-V100-TP-V3000 are available models and can be customized according to your need’s capacity. Both the mini-type V mixer and the huge V mixer capacity are available.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

It is used for food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, etc. A horizontal ribbon mixer is a solution to mix powders, powder with liquid, powder with granules, and even the smallest quantity of materials. All connected parts are well-welded and the inside of the tank is fully mirror polished with ribbon and shaft.

It can be adjusted to a high speed for mixing the materials within a short time and giving a uniform mixing effect.

Fully Polished

Paddle Mixer

Effective for mixing and is applicable for mixing granular materials with powders, or powders with liquids or pastes. It is used for food, animal feed, chemicals, etc. It is suitable for rice, beans, nuts, or any granular ingredient. There’s a different angle of blades to mix up the material inside the machine, causing cross-mixing.

It is of high quality, resulting in an intensive and uniform mixing effect. It is a patented design that ensures no leakage.

V-Shaped Mixer

The V-shaped mixer is a unique mixing machine that is made of stainless steel. It can be mixed evenly and is widely used for dry powder and granular materials. A V-shaped mixer is easy to operate and easy to clean and is commonly used in industries in the fields of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

 The internal and external surfaces of the mixing tank are fully welded and polished.

v tank

Patent Technology at Discharge and Shaft Sealing

TOPS GROUP powder mixer have patent technology at discharge and shaft sealing. Our special design can make sure zero leakage at discharge door and shaft sealing. We test with water to show you the leakage-proof effect better. It’s never leak with water, certainly not with powder.

Leakage is a common trouble users may meet. With our key technology, you will never have the same problem.


Detailed Introduction of Tops Group Powder Mixer



1.What Is the Difference Between Different Types of Powder Mixers?

Difference between different types of powder mixer machine:

A ribbon mixer, also called a single ribbon mixer or double ribbon mixer, has a unique design of a horizontal U-shaped casing with a rotating agitator. The agitator is made up of two helical ribbons that let convective motion flow in two directions, resulting in powder and bulk solids mixing.

A paddle mixer is also called a single-shaft paddle mixer, double-shaft paddle mixer, or paddle mixer opening type. A double-shaft paddle mixer has two shafts with counter-rotating blades, while a single-shaft paddle mixer has a different angle of blades to mix up the product inside the machine, causing cross-mixing. A compact design with rotational shafts filled with hoppers achieves paddle mixer opening type mixing consistency of up to 99 percent.

V mixer consists of a work-chamber connected by two cylinders forming a “V ” shape. It can be mixed evenly and used widely for dry powder and granular materials. It can produce a solid-solid mixture. 

2.What Is the Most Popular Powder Mixer Type?

The most popular type of powder mixer is the ribbon mixer because this machine is very useful for industries such as food industry, chemical industry, agricultural industry and many more. It helps to lessen the time of mixing and brings you higher efficiency in mixing materials.

3.How to Install the Powder Mixer Machine After Purchase?

When you receive the powder mixer, you just need to unpack the crates, and  connect the machine’s electricity power , then the machine can work. It is very easy to make machines work for any user.

4.How to Confirm If the Machine Material is SS304 or SS316?

304 stainless steel is a multipurpose stainless steel that has a higher rust resistance than stainless steels in the 200 series. It is also better to have a high temperature resistance. The corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel is outstanding, as is the resistance to intergranular corrosion. While 316 stainless steel the corrosion resistance and high temperature strength of 316 stainless steel have greatly improved. It has a high temperature resistance of 1200-1300 degrees and can be used in harsh environments.

5.What Is the Working Principle of a Powder Mixing Machine?

Ribbon mixer has ribbon agitator and a U-shaped chamber for highly- balanced mixing of materials. The ribbon agitator is made up of inner and outer helical agitators. The inner ribbon moves the material from center to outside while the outer ribbon moves the material from two sides to the center and it is combined with rotating direction when moving the materials. A powder mixing machine gives a short time on mixing while providing a better mixing effect.

V Mixer is made up of two cylinders that are positioned in a “V” shape. An intensifier bar can be added to the V mixer which can help in mixing and breaking up materials. The amount of material put into the v mixer has an impact on its efficiency. The v mixer recommended blender’s fill-up volume is 40 to 60% of the overall mixing volume. For this the materials inside the machine can move freely and result in a good mixture.

Paddle mixer the material is thrown from the bottom to the top of the mixing tank by paddles at various angles. Creating a homogeneous mixing effect differs from different sizes and density of the materials. The rotating paddles break and combine the bulk of product in a sequential manner, causing each piece to flow quickly and intensely through the mixing tank.

6.Is the Powder Mixer Water-Proof?

The standard design powder mixer is not fully water-proof. You can clean the tank inside by water washing freely,  but the electrical control box and motor & gear are not water-proof, you need to wipe with dry or wet cloth. However, these parts can be customized to water-proof design, to make a stainless steel shade to cover the control box button, and the motor & gearbox, then you can wash the whole machine by water freely.  This requirement should be informed before placing the order.

7.What Is the Application of a Powder Mixer?

A powder mixing machine is essential in the processing of a wide range of products. It can customize mixing solutions for construction, agricultural chemicals, food, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and other industries by mixing powders with liquids and granules. Ingredients are properly mixed using a powder mixer machine.

8.What Is the Difference Between a Home Mixer and an Industrial Mixer?

Home mixer is sometimes known as a stand mixer, is a kitchen appliance that rotates a set of “beaters” in a bowl containing the food or liquids to be mixed using a gear-driven mechanism. While industrial mixer are the mixer that is used by industries such as food industry, chemical industry, agricultural industry and etc.

9.What Is the Best Mixing Speed?

For user’s reference, for small-sized mixer (100-500L), the mixing speed is recommended to be 46rpm; for  medium-sized mixers (1000–2000 liters), the mixing speed is recommend to be 35rpm; the huge size mixer’s mixing speed is recommended to be 30rpm.

10.How Can I Find a Third Party to Check the Powder Mixer Machine Quality?

 The recommended third party is SGS, BV ,which is a famous institution for goods quality inspection.  They have branches in most countries in the world, you can search the internet and get their contact info easily.

11.How About If There is a Factory Defect?

For factory defects, you can call or email a customer service hotline and for that, you will be advised on what is the best solution for the machine.

12.How Long Does it Take to Ship the Powder Mixer Machine from China?

It takes 7–10 days to produce a standard model. If you want to customize your powder mixer, your machine can be done in 30–45 days. Shipped by air, it takes 7–10 days. Shipping by sea takes 10–60 days. It depends on your location.

13.How is the Quality Inspection Before Machine Delivery ?

Before you make the order, our sales will communicate all details with you until you get a satisfying solution from our technician. We can use your product or similar one in the China market to test our machine, then feed you back the video to show the effect.

After making the order, you can appoint an inspection body to check your powder mixer machine in our factory.


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