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Protein Powder Mixer Machine

Shanghai Tops Group has been known for its advanced conceptual design, expert technical services, and high-quality machines since 2000. Tops Group is a protein powder mixer machine manufacturer that can customize machinery to meet the expectations of its customers. We can personalize and make you satisfied with the machine’s conclusion, not only with design quality in functionality, but also with the layout and spare parts.

We have horizontal ribbon blender ,paddle and V mixer.

Shanghai Tops Group Protein Powder Mixer Machine Types

Made up of transmission parts, ribbon agitators, and a U-shaped chamber. It is used to combine protein powder, granules and liquid.
double shaft paddle mixer
It has two horizontal paddle shafts, one for each paddle. Perfectly mixes protein powder with varying gravity, proportion, and particle size.
v blender machine Standard Design
It consists of a work-chamber connected by two cylinders, forming a "V" shape. It is applicable for protein powdered. Result of homogeneous combining material.
ribbon blender
It is composed of twin ribbon agitators and a U-shaped chamber. Effective for mixing protein powder, granules, powder with liquid and paste materials, creating a homogenous result.
Standard design
It consists of one shaft with paddles. A various angle of blades mixes up protein powder or any kind of granular products, causing cross mixing. This result in an intensive mixing effect.
Double Shaft Paddle Mixer Opening Type
A compact design with rotational shafts filled with hoppers achieves paddle mixer opening type mixing consistency of up to 99 percent. Mixing effects is homogenous.

What is ribbon mixer machine ?

Transmission parts, twin ribbon agitators, and a U-shaped chamber make up this stainless steel ribbon mixer. A ribbon agitator is made up of an inner and outer helical agitator. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction, while the inner ribbon moves materials in the opposite direction.

To assure the mixtures in short cycle times, the ribbons rotate approximately to move the materials both radially and laterally. No dead angle when mixture is generated.

ribbon mixer (2)
paddle mixer

What is a paddle mixer machine?

It is composed of different angles of blades to mix up the product inside the machine, causing cross-mixing. It has good quality, resulting in an intensive mixing and high mixing effect. It has a high-precision mixing machine that responds to mixing perfectly mixed materials with varying gravity, proportion, and particle size.

By adding fragmentation equipment, it creates portion fragmentation.

What is a V mixer machine?

Consists of two cylinders connected to form a “V” shape. The V mixer can be equipped with an intensifier bar, which helps in the combining and breaking up of materials. The amount of material that goes into the v-blender affects its efficiency.

The suggested fill-up volume for a v-blender is 40 to 60% of the total mixing volume. As a result, the materials inside the machine are able to move freely, resulting in an excellent mixture. 

v mixer with powder

Patent Certificates

All of our products come with CE certificates, indicating that they meet the exact safety requirements. Our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that Top’s Group complies with all health, safety, and regulatory requirements. As indicated by our CSA and UL certificates, all of our products have been properly evaluated and verified to meet quality standards. 

Ribbon Mixer Table of Specification:

Model TDPM 100 TDPM 200 TDPM 300 TDPM 500 TDPM 1000 TDPM 1500 TDPM 2000 TDPM 3000 TDPM 5000 TDPM 10000
Capacity(L) 100 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 5000 10000
Volume(L) 140 280 420 710 1420 1800 2600 3800 7100 14000
Loading rate 40%-70%
Length(mm) 1050 1370 1550 1773 2394 2715 3080 3744 4000 5515
Width(mm) 700 834 970 1100 1320 1397 1625 1330 1500 1768
Height(mm) 1440 1647 1655 1855 2187 2313 2453 2718 1750 2400
Weight(kg) 180 250 350 500 700 1000 1300 1600 2100 2700
Total Power (KW) 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 45 75

V Mixer Table of Specification:

Item TP-V100 TP-V200
Total Volume 100L 200L
Effective Loading Rate 40%-60% 40%-60%
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw
Stirrer Motor Power 0.55kw 0.75kw
Tank Rotate Speed 0-16 r/min 0-16 r/min
Stirrer Rotate Speed 50r/min 50r/min
Mixing Time 8-15mins 8-15mins
Charging Height 1492mm 1679mm
Discharging Height 651mm 645mm
Cylinder Diameter 350mm 426mm
Inlet Diameter 300mm 350mm
Outlet Diameter 114mm 150mm
Dimension 1768x1383x1709mm 2007x1541x1910mm
Weight 150kg 200kg

Paddle Mixer Table of Specification:

Model TPW-300 TPW-500 TPW-1000 TPW-1500 TPW-2000 TPW-3000
Effective volume(L) 300 500 1000 1500 2000 3000
Full volume(L) 420 650 1350 2000 2600 3800
Loading Ratio 0.6-0.8
Turning speed(rpm) 53 53 45 45 39 39
power 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22
Total weight(kg) 660 900 1380 1850 2350 2900
Total size 1330*1130*1030 1480*1350*1220 1730*1590*1380 2030*1740*1480 2120*2000*1630 2420*2300*1780
R(mm) 277 307 377 450 485 534
Power supply 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz


1. What Materials Do You Use in a Protein Powder Mixer Machine?

There are different materials to be used in protein powder mixer machines, and those are:

For paddle mixer machines:

Stainless steel is used in the construction of the materials.

Except for the bearing seat, the entire machine is made entirely of stainless steel to give it an appealing look.

For the mixing hopper, we used a full weld and polishing process without using any attaching pieces such as screws or nuts.

Patented design that ensures no leakage from the revolving axis and discharging hole.

For the ribbon mixer machine

All materials used are stainless steel 304.

It has no dead angles when mixing.

The shape is round with a silicone ring lid feature.

All connected parts are well welded.

What’s inside the tank is a full mirror polished with ribbon and shaft.

For the V-mixer machine

The V-shaped tank and the intensifier bar are made of stainless steel 304.

A plexiglass safety door is made of standard glass.

All connected parts are well welded.

What’s inside and outside the tank is a full, mirror-polished tank.

2. What Is the Best Shipping Method for a Protein Powder Mixer Machine?

For transporting protein powder mixer machines, the best shipping methods are by sea, air, and land. By sea, it usually takes 10–60 days, by air, 7–10 days, and by land, it varies depending on the area.

3. How Long is the Mixing Time of a Protein Powder Mixer Machine?

The protein powder mixer machine has a different mixing time according to the types of machines.

Ribbon mixer machine: It takes 5–10 minutes to be effective in mixing. For smaller models such as 100L, 200L, and 300L, the mixing time is within 3 minutes. Larger models, such as 3000L, 5000L, and 10,000, require more time to mix materials.

Paddle mixer machine: It takes about 1 to 3 minutes to mix. Open-type discharging hole with only 2 to 5 minutes’ space between shafts and wall.

V mixer machine: It takes 5-10 minutes to mix materials. The recommended fill up volume is 40–60%, and if the material is doubled from the total volume, the mixing time is also doubled. For this, the material inside the machine can move freely, resulting in a homogeneous effect.

4. What is the Use of the Protein Powder Mixer Machine ?

The protein powder mixer machine is used for mixing powders, powder with liquid, powder with granules, and paste and even the smallest quantity of ingredient can be blended efficiently with large volumes. These protein powder mixer machines are also useful for construction lines, agriculture, chemicals, food, polymers, pharmaceuticals, etc. The protein powder mixer machine allows for versatile and highly scalable mixing, resulting in an efficient process and result.

5.How Long Does it Take to Ship the Machine from China?

It takes 7–10 days to produce a standard model. If you want to customize your protein powder mixer machine, it can be done in 30–45 days. Shipped by air, it takes 7–10 days. Shipping by sea takes 10–60 days. It depends on your location.

6. What Is the Difference Between Different Types of Mixers?

The difference between different types of mixer:

The Ribbon mixer machine has a unique design with a horizontal U-shaped casing and a rotating agitator. The agitator is made up of two helical ribbons that let convective motion flow in two directions, resulting in powder and bulk solids mixing.

A paddle mixer machine is also called a single-shaft paddle mixer or double-shaft paddle mixer. A double-shaft paddle mixer has two shafts with counter-rotating blades, while a single-shaft paddle mixer has a different angle of blades to mix up the product inside the machine, causing cross mixing.

A V mixer machine consists of a work chamber connected by two cylinders, forming a “V” shape. It can be mixed evenly and is widely used for dry powder materials. It can produce a solid-solid mixture.

7.What Is the Most Popular Mixer Type?

The most popular type of mixer is the Ribbon Mixer Machine, because this machine is very useful for industries such as the food industry, chemical industry, agricultural industry, and many more. It helps to reduce the time of mixing and brings you higher efficiency in mixing materials.

8.What Is the Working Principle of a V Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, and Paddle Mixer?

The ribbon mixer machine has a ribbon agitator and a U-shaped chamber for highly balanced mixing of materials. The ribbon agitator is made up of inner and outer helical agitators. The inner ribbon moves the material from the center to the outside, while the outer ribbon moves the material from two sides to the center, and it is combined with the rotating direction when moving the materials.

A V-mixer machine is made up of two cylinders that are positioned in a “V” shape. An intensifier bar can be added to the V mixer, which can help in mixing and breaking up materials. The amount of material put into the v-mixer has an impact on its efficiency. The V mixer’s recommended fill-up volume is 40 to 60% of the overall mixing volume. For this, the materials inside the machine can move freely and result in a good mixture.

In a paddle mixer machine, the material is thrown from the bottom to the top of the mixing tank at various angles. Creating a homogeneous mixing effect differs from the different sizes and densities of the materials. The rotating paddles break and combine the bulk of product in a sequential manner, causing each piece to flow quickly and intensely through the mixing tank.

9.Can a Protein Powder Mixer Machine Be Used for Spice Powder?

Yes, the protein powder mixer machine is effective for mixing spice powders, powder with liquid, and powder with granules, and even the smallest quantity of ingredient can be blended efficiently in large volumes.

10.Is the Protein Powder Mixer Machine Discharged by Manual or Auto?

The protein powder mixer machine discharge valve can be driven manually or pneumatically. Optional valves: cylinder valve, butterfly valve, etc. The pneumatically sealed one usually has better sealing than the manual one. And there is no dead angle between the mixing tank and the valve room.


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