Resolving Problems with the Ribbon Blending Mixer

 There might be some unavoidable issues while using the ribbon blender. The benefit of this information is that these errors can be fixed in specific ways.

  1. Typical machine problem

  • After clicking the start button, the mixer does not begin to operate.

A. Probable Reason

  • Tank is not appropriate.

B. The potential solution

  • Check the thermal protection’s maximum current setting to see whether it is set too low. As shown by the motor nameplate, it may be adjusted up to twice the rated current of the motor.
  • Try starting the machine again if steps 1 through 5 do not identify any problems. For more help, please get in touch with us if the issue continues.
  1. Usual Machine problem

  • Reversing the ribbon shaft’s rotation

A.  Probable Reason

  • Incorrect order of phases.

B. Solution

  • Change the order in which any two live wires are connected.
  1. Usual Machine problem

  • The discharge outlet is leaking.

A. Probable Reason

  • There won’t be enough air pressure to operate the discharge outlet correctly if the pressure gauge is not connected to the air supply.
  • Leakage may occur from a seal at the discharge outlet that is broken or placed incorrectly.
  • The discharge outlet cylinder may not adequately seal the outlet if there is a problem with its operation, which might result in leakage.
  • A blockage or obstruction at the discharge outlet, such as accumulated dirt or material, may impede good sealing and cause leaks.

B. Solution

  • Make sure the air supply is connected to the pressure gauge and that there is enough air pressure by checking the gauge.
  • Verify that the seal at the discharge outlet is intact and placed correctly by inspecting it.
  • Check to make sure the discharge outlet cylinder is operating properly.
  • Verify whether there is a clog or obstruction at the discharge outlet impeding adequate sealing.
  • Please get in touch with us for more help if the issue doesn’t go away after doing steps 1–4.


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