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All You Need to Know About Ribbon Blender Machine

What products must be blended? How much is a single mixing amount?

Evaluate first the type of mixer you are requiring, and then determine the best model for your needs. It is determined by the material to be mixed and the amount to be mixed at one time. The volume of the mixing tank required is equal to the weight of the material to be mixed divided by the density of the material. The specific gravity of several common materials, such as flour, is 0.6 g/cm3, milk powder is 0.5 g/cm3, and protein powder is approximately 0.45 g/cm3.

What is the distance between the outlet and the ground?

The standard size is 600 mm above the ground for the discharge port height. It can be increased or decreased if the customer has special requirements. Some customers will have feeders or will need special heights due to the layout of their workshops.

Voltage- Know the power supply voltage in your area.

Do you have any other special requirements?

– Spray, heating, or cooling device
– The pneumatic flap valve cutting configuration is our standard configuration, which requires the customer to use the site to access the air source. Manual cutting can also be used if the customer does not have it on site.


With 21 years of experience in a field of manufacturing different kinds of mixing machine. We use about 10 sets of processing machines, like stainless steel folding machine, lathing machine, sawing machine, cutting machine, CNC lathe, etc. It is ensured that the quality of the mixing machine is in good grade standard. If any customer wants fast deliveries, Tops Group makes spare parts in bulk quantity, so that we can prepare many half-finished machines in the factory.


 If you think why our machines is trusted and cater by most industries and individuals because of these following reasons:

-The spare parts of the machine come from a famous brand.

– We have Patented technology, CE, JMP Certificates and more.

– Perfect sealing valve

– We can customize your ribbon blender machine according to what you desire.

– Proven and tested for effective mixing results.



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