Ribbon Mixer Manufacturers

 Were you aware that Shanghai Tops Group is a ribbon mixer manufacturer? Yes, you heard correctly!

  • Shanghai Tops Group is a ribbon mixer manufacturer. With more than decades of experience, Shanghai Tops Group Co., Ltd. is a creative ribbon mixer manufacturer. Our machines are built with patented technology, have certificates from CE and ROHS.
  • Tops Group constantly updates our designs in order to provide the most appropriate and expert ribbon mixing machine attainable. Tops Group has a thorough understanding of the demands of every customer. With clients that span over 150 different countries and areas, we are knowledgeable about and committed to providing ongoing research on the global market for our sector.
  • Superior user experience for our clients. We offer OEM support, customized designs, and industry-leading knowledge to distributor clients, providing the best possible assistance for your ongoing success.

It has been developed by Tops Group for industrial used. ribbon mixer is one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and widely used to combine various powders, powder with liquid and powder with granule, dry solids mixers in all process industries, ranging from food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals, and polymers. It’s a multifunctional mixing machine with a steady operation, consistent quality, low noise, long life, simple installation, and maintenance.


This ribbon mixer is made up of transmission parts, twin ribbon agitators, and a U-shaped chamber. A ribbon agitator is made up of an inner and outer helical agitator. The outer ribbon moves materials one way, while the inner ribbon moves materials the other way. The ribbons rotate approximately to move the materials both radially and laterally to ensure the blends in short cycle times. All connection parts are fully welded. No dead angle when mixture is generated by all 304 stainless steels, and it is easy to clean and easy to use.



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