Safety precautions for handling Powder Mixers

Some safety precautions for handling a powder mixer:

  1. Recognize some possibility of entanglement and pinch points brought on by moving elements.
  2. In order to prevent the chance of an electrical shock or burns, avoid operating the equipment in moist conditions or with wet hands.
  3. For the purpose of preventing the risk of electrical shock or burns, don’t use the machine if any wires are tattered, broken, or pinched.
  4. Always keep the kids away from the device to avoid any unexpected accidents.
  5. Always remember to keep your head and fingers away from any moving parts.
  6. Ensure that the machine is positioned on an appropriate stand or on level, firm ground.
  7. Check always the device before using it.
  8. Verify first that all bolts and nuts are tightly secured.
  9. Always remember, you only use this device for the tasks listed in the handbook.
  10. Before cleaning or doing maintenance on the machine, turn it off and disconnect it as a way to protect the machine itself and the operator as well.
  11. Don’t alter the device in any way.








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