Automatic Screw Capping Machine

一. Applications (industries)

Automatic screw capping mechanical equipment with high screw cap speed, high percent of pass, easy to operate. Can be used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics and other industries of different bottle shape of screw cap.

二. Application (caps shape NOT aluminum caps)




Base threaded cover                                  Safety lock thread cover

(plastic, most extensive cover)


Butterfly screw cap                                 Pump head threaded cover

三. Working principle

The cap management system arranges the cap and hangs it obliquely at 30°. When the bottle is separated by the bottle separation mechanism, it passes through the cap area, and the cap is brought down and covered on the bottle mouth. The bottle moves forward on the conveyor belt, and the top There is a capping belt to press the cap tightly, while the cap flows through 3 pairs of capping wheels, the capping wheels exert pressure on both sides of the cap, the cap is screwed tightly, and the capping action of a bottle is completed.

四. Structure

五. Main Features

■ PLC&touch screen control, easy to operate
■ Easy to operate , Speed of conveying belt is adjustable to synchronous with whole system
■ Stepped lifting device to feed in lids automatically
■ Lid falling part can remove error lids away(by air blowing and weight measuring)
■ All the contact parts with bottle and lids are made of material safety for food
■ The belt to press the lids is inclined, so it can adjust the lid into the correct place and then pressing
■ Machine body is made of SUS 304, meet GMP standard
■ Optronic sensor to remove the bottles which are error capped (Option)
■ Digital display screen to show the size of different bottle, which will be convenient for changing bottle(Option).

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