Selecting the Best Single Shaft Paddle Blender


When selecting the best paddle blender, keep the following aspects in consideration:

  • The first step is to confirm which product will be mixed in a paddle blender.

The paddle mixer is excellent for mixing powder and powder, granule and granule, or adding a little liquid. It is commonly used for nuts, beans, grain, and other types of granule material. The inside of the machine has varied angles of the blade, throwing up the material resulting in cross-mixing.

  • The next step is to choose a suitable model.

The following stage is to develop a volume model. You must calculate the appropriate volume based on your product density and batch weight.

For example, if you produce 500 kg of flour in every batch with a density of 0.5 kg/L, your batch output will be 1000 liters. TP requires a paddle blender with a capacity of 1000 liters. And the TPS 1000 model is appropriate.

-Paddle blenders come in a variety of models, including TPS 100, TPS 200, TPS 300, TPS 500, TPS 1000, TPS 1500, TPS 2000, TPS 3000, TPS 5000, TPS 10000, TPS 12000, and can be customized.

  • The quality of the paddle blender is the most significant factor for everyone. The following are the characteristics of a paddle blender mixer:

-There are no dead angles when discharging with discharge sealing.

– In the food and pharmaceutical industries, fully welded machinery is important. The powder can easily hide in spaces, contaminating fresh powder if the remaining powder deteriorates. However, full-welding and polishing can ensure that there are no gaps between hardware connections, which can demonstrate machine quality and user experience.

-When cleaning the paddle blender, it is simple to clean. It is easier and less time-consuming to clean.

-Charging or feeding powdered material to the paddle blender provides convenience and satisfaction.

-It is simple to use and ensures safe functioning.

-Patent design and assurance of leak-free rotating axis and discharging hole.

-Rotate in reverse and throw materials at various angles, mixing time 1-3 mm.

-The compact design and rotational shafts allow for hopper filling, resulting in 99 percent mixing homogeneity.



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