Semi-Auto Auger Packing Machine Maintenance and Upkeep

The following steps on how to maintain and upkeep the Semi-auto auger packing machine:


The packing machine should be set aside in a neat and clean environment with low humidity. If there’s an excessive amount of dust, you should use the dust removal device.




Every three months, you must conduct an overall inspection of the machine. Using an air-blowing equipment, remove the dust from the electrical cabinet and to the computer control box. Always check the mechanical parts from any unexpected wear or loosening.





When cleaning the hopper, you can also disassemble, clean it and then after cleaning reassemble it again.




Cleaning the feeding machine is a must priority after using it. Here’s the following steps:

Remove all materials from the hopper, position the feeding pipe horizontally, unscrew the auger cover and carefully remove it.








Wipe down the auger and the inner walls of the feeding line and hopper.





Install them in reverse sequence.

To wrap this up, you must carefully read the manual instructions before using. Always maintain cleanliness of the machine parts and equipment inside on it to prolong its lifespan and to maintain its excellent performance. If any unexpected damage or breakdowns on the machine, again don’t hesitate to call an expert in order to troubleshoot and resolved it right away and to avoid any interruptions in your daily working basis.



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