Shanghai Tops Group Different Types of Auger Filling Machine

Auger filler is a unique professional design produced by Shanghai Tops Group. Tops Group Company has a large manufacturing capacity as well as modern auger filler technology. We have a patent on the appearance of a servo auger filler. This type of machine is capable of both dosing and filling. Many industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, chemicals, food, the construction industry, etc. use auger fillers. It is appropriate for fine granular materials, low-fluidity materials, and other materials.

On a conventional design, our average production time is approximately 7 days. We may design the auger filler to meet your specific needs. We can manufacture the auger filler according to your specifications, including your logo or company information on the machine label. We also have auger filler components available. We can also use the exact brand if you have object configuration.

  • We use a world-famous
  • Between the auger and the servo motor there is a brand shaft.

High concentricity:

  • The accuracy will not be in a high level if there is no high concentricity on auger and shaft.
  • We used a global famous brand shaft for the auger and servo motor.

Precision machining:

  • We use a milling machine to grind small augers, ensuring that it has uniform distances and a perfect shape.

There are two filling modes:


  • Weight mode- In real time, a load cell beneath the filling plate measures the filling weight. The first filling is quick and mass filling to achieve 80% of the required filling weight. The second filling is a bit slow and precise, adding the remaining 20% based on the weight of the first.
  • Volume mode- The powder volume is fixed after turning the screw one round. The controller will calculate how many turns the screw must make to achieve the desired filling weight.

Main Features:

  • To ensure perfect filling accuracy, a lathing auger screw is used.
  • PLC control and a touch screen display are also used.
  • To ensure consistent results, a servo motor powers the screw.
  • The split hopper could well be quickly cleaned without the need for any devices.
  • Full stainless steel 304 material that could be configured to semi-auto filling through a pedal switch.
  • Weight feedback and proportion track to components, which solves the challenges of filling weight variations owing to density variations in components.
  • Save 20 formula settings for subsequent use in the machine.
  • Varied materials ranging from fine powder to granule and different weights can be packed by switching the auger pieces.
  • The user interface is available in a variety of languages.

Different types of auger filler:

  1. Tabletop auger filler                                                        2.  Semi-automatic type

(The smallest model for laboratory)



  1. Automatic linear filling                                                   3.  Automatic rotary filling



  1. Big bag type                                                                      4. Powder Packing System




  1. Dual heads linear auger filler                                  5. Dual heads rotary type


  1. Four heads auger filler


We are a professional packaging machine supplier that specialize in the fields of designing, manufacturing, supporting, and servicing a complete line of machinery for different types of liquid, powder, and granular products. We utilized in the production of agriculture industry, chemical industry, food industry, and pharmacy fields, and many more. We are commonly known for its advanced design concept, professional technique support and high-quality machines.

Tops-Group looks forward to providing you with amazing service and exceptional products of machines based on its corporate values of TRUST, QUALITY, and INOVATION! All together let’s create valued relationship and build a successful future.


1.What certificate does the machine have?

All our products have a CE Certificates.

2.What are the main differences between different types of filling machine?

The main differences of different types of filling machine are the hopper.

3.How long does the filling machine shipment take?

Auger filling machine to ship takes 7-10 days to produce a standard model. For customized, your machine can be done in 30-45 days. However, shipped by air takes 7-10 days. Shipped by sea takes 10-60 days. It depends on the distance of your location.

4.How to pay when I purchase the auger filling?

For the payment term, you can choose for the following terms:

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal.

After making the order, you can appoint an inspection body to check your auger filling in our factory.

5.What is the use of machine and where to be used for?

The auger filling is used for filling and dosing. Each type of auger filling has a unique design that is appropriate for materials such as coffee powder, wheat flour, condiments, solid drinks, veterinary medications, dextrose, powder additives, talcum powder, pesticides, dyestuff, and more. Industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, Chemical, food, construction and more can use auger filling. 

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