Shanghai Tops Group’s Double Cone Mixing Machine

The twin-cone mixer is a common piece of industrial mixing machinery that is used for blending dry powders and granules in numerous industries. Its mixing drum is made up of two- linked cones. The double cone’s shape of this machine makes it possible to combine and mix materials effectively. It is extensively utilized in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The characteristics of Double Cone Mixing Machine:

When thoroughly dry mixing free-flowing solids, the double-cone mixer is typically used for this kind of process. Through a quick-open feed port, the materials are added to the mixing chamber either manually or by vacuum conveyor. The components are fully mixed in order to obtain a high level of homogeneity through the mixing chamber with a 360-degree rotation. The average cycle time is usually between 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on the liquidity of your product, you can use the control panel to change the mixing time to the necessary duration.

To end this one, as mentioned-above regarding on this kind of mixing machine due to its physical appearance and its unique characteristics on how this machine works, we must always put on our minds of how to handle it carefully, what materials that is allowable to process, for the reason that if you don’t use an appropriate material that is suit to this kind of mixer it can lead to damage and unexpected accident on the operator also. You should always seek for help for an expert like Shanghai Tops Group technical experts serving for almost 21 years of quality standard service and excellence so that if any unnecessary problems that may be discover while operating this mixer it will resolve right away. You shouldn’t forget also to always read before using and clean it right after using in order to maintain its full performance.








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