A single-shaft paddle blender with agitation paddles has been developed through Shanghai Top’s Group. The ingredients are moved and mixed more effectively due to the precise placement of the paddles along the shaft. Ingredients are transported from one area of the mixer to another by the paddles as the shaft rotates, guaranteeing complete and uniform blending. Mixing powders, granules, bulk materials with liquids or pastes, and other mixtures has been demonstrated to be successful when using a single-shaft paddle blender.

We have ribbon blender, horizontal ribbon mixer, paddle, and V mixer.

What are different Models of Single Shaft Paddle Blender?

Capacity (L) of 100, Volume (L) 140, Total Power (kw) 3, Weight (kg) 180

Length (mm)1050 x Width (mm) 700 x Height (mm) 1440

Capacity (L) of 500, Volume (L) 710, Total Power (kw) 7.5, Weight (kg) 500

Length (mm)1773 x Width (mm) 1100 x Height (mm) 1855

Capacity (L) of 1000, Volume (L) 1420, Total Power (kw) 11, Weight (kg) 700

Length (mm)2394 x Width (mm) 1320 x Height (mm) 2187

Capacity (L) of 1500, Volume (L) 1800, Total Power (kw) 18.5, Weight (kg) 1000

Length (mm)2715 x Width (mm) 1397 x Height (mm) 2313

Capacity (L) of 2000, Volume (L) 2600, Total Power (kw) 22, Weight (kg) 1300

Length (mm)3080 x Width (mm) 1625 x Height (mm) 2453

Capacity (L) of 3000, Volume (L) 3800, Total Power (kw) 30, Weight (kg) 1600

Length (mm)3744 x Width (mm) 1330 x Height (mm) 2718

How does a single shaft paddle blender work?

Paddles at different angles toss material from the bottom to the top of the mixing tank. Variable material sizes and densities provide varied effects when it comes to homogenous mixing.

Each component flows swiftly and forcefully through the mixing tank as a result of the revolving paddles splitting and combining the majority of the product in a consecutive way.

Single Shaft Paddle Mixer with Granular

Blending with granules

It has been demonstrated to work well for blending and can be used to blend any kind of granular material. A compact design with rotating shafts filled with hoppers allows for 99 percent mixing consistency in 1 to 3 minutes.

Its exceptional grade leads to a powerful and intense mixing effect.

Testing with water

To make sure there are no leaks, the single-shaft paddle blender is tested with water. Since it is entirely welded, there is no leakage. Mixing granular solids, powders, and what’s needed in liquid is made easier with a single-shaft paddle blender.


VIDEO single shaft paddle

What Materials can be Applicable?

Model TPS
















Capacity (L) 100 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000 3000
Volume (L) 140 280 420 710 1420 1800 2600 3800
Loading Rate 40%-70%
Length (mm) 1050 1370 1550 1773 2394 2715 3080 3744
Width (mm) 700 834 970 1100 1320 1397 1625 1330
Height (mm) 1440 1647 1655 1855 2187 2313 2453 2718
Weight (kg) 180 250 350 500 700 1000 1300 1600
Total Power (kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 18.5 22 30
Shaft Thickness (mm) 50 58 68 76 89 102 102 133
Tank Body Thickness


3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6
Side body Thickness (mm) 8 8 8 10 10 12 12 14
Ribbon Thickness (mm) 6 8 8 8 10 12 12 14
Motor Power (KW) 3 4 5 7.5 11 18.5 22 30
Max Motor Speed (rpm) 46 46 46 46 30 30 30 30
1.What Are the Advantages of Using a Single Shaft Paddle Blender?

-Less time-consuming, no hassle at all.

-A perfect partner when mixing powder and powder, granules and granules, or adding small amounts of liquid to mix.

– It takes about 1 to 3 minutes while providing an excellent mixing result.

– Open-type discharging hole with only 2 to 5 minutes’ space between shafts and wall.

-A compact design with rotational shafts filled with hoppers achieves mixing consistency of up to 99 percent.

-Patented design that ensures no leakage from the revolving axis and discharging hole.

2.What is the Maximum Volume of Material that Can be Mixed Effectively?

A single shaft paddle blender ‘s maximum volume is 3000L effective volume and 3800L complete volume. If you need more than 3000L effective volume and 3800L full volume, you can request a custom industrial paddle mixer with a bigger capacity.

3.How Long Does It Take to Mix Materials?

The single shaft paddle blender time ranges from 1-3minutes. It rotates reversely and throws materials to different angles. Creating a homogeneous mixing effect differs from different sizes and density of the materials. It has good quality resulting in an intensive mixing and high mixing effect.

4.What Is the Working Process?

The working process of a single shaft paddle blender consists of one shaft with paddles. Material is thrown from the bottom to the top of the mixing tank by paddles at various angles. A different angle of blades mixes up the product inside the machine, causing cross mixing. Creating a homogeneous mixing effect differs from different sizes and density of the materials. The rotating paddles break and combine the bulk of product in a sequential manner, causing each piece to flow quickly and intensely through the mixing tank. It has good quality resulting an intensive mixing and high mixing effect.

5.Is the Single Shaft Paddle blender a Water-Resistant Mixer?

The standard design of the single shaft paddle blender is not fully waterproof. You can clean the tank inside by water washing freely, but the electrical control box and motor & gear are not waterproof, you need to wipe with dry or wet cloth. However, these parts can be customized to water-proof design, to make a stainless-steel shade to cover the control box button, and the motor & gearbox, then you can wash the whole machine by water freely.  This requirement should be informed before placing the order.

6.Is the Single Shaft Paddle Blender Discharged by Manual or Auto?

The single shaft paddle blender discharge valve can be driven manually or pneumatically. Optional valves: cylinder valve, butterfly valve etc. Normally the pneumatically has better sealing than manual one. And there is no dead angle at the mixing tank and valve room.

7.How Long Does It Take to Ship from China?

It takes 7–10 days to produce a standard model. If you want to customize your single shaft paddle blender, your machine can be done in 30–45 days. Shipped by air, it takes 7–10 days. Shipping by sea takes 10–60 days. It depends on your location.







8.What Industries Usually Use Single Shaft Paddle Blender?

Single Shaft Paddle blender is commonly used in industries such as:

Food industry- food products, food ingredients, food additives, food processing AIDS in various fields, and in the pharmaceutical intermediate, brewing, biological enzymes, food packaging materials are also widely used.

Agricultural industry- Pesticide, fertilizer, feed and veterinary medicine, advanced pet food, new plant protection production, and in cultivated soil, microbial utilization, biological compost and desert greening.

Chemical industry- Epoxy resin, polymer materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials, nanomaterial and other rubber and plastic chemical industry; Silicon compounds and silicates and other inorganic chemicals and various chemicals.

Cosmetic industryThe eye shadow powders, paste cream and a variety of other cosmetic goods are all processed with this machine. The mirror polished surface makes the cosmetic materials not stick in the tank.

Medical Industry-In the medical field, the industrial paddle mixer is beneficial for mixing magnesium chloride powders, talc powders and all other types of medical powders and small granules.

Battery industry- Battery material, lithium battery anode material, lithium battery cathode material and carbon material raw material production.

Comprehensive industry- Car brake material, plant fiber environmental protection products, edible tableware, etc.

Building Materials industry- Components and Additives, Boards / Bricks / Pre-Fabricated Parts, Mortar/Plaster for Flooring/Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Adhesives and Multi-colored Fillers and many more.

And many more industries are using industrial paddle mixers.

9.What Materials Are Commonly Used to Mix?

It is used to mix products in a little bigger size such as rice, corn, beans, or any kinds of granular products. It is also applicable for mixing powder and can also mix bulk solids with liquids or pastes. The products will be lifted in the air and part of the products will be crushed.

10.How is the Quality Inspection Before Machine Delivery ?

Before you make the order, the sales team will communicate with you all the details until you get a satisfactory solution from the technician. Your product or similar one will be used in the China market to test the machine, then feed you back the video to show the effect.

11.How Do You Move the Mixer When Working for a Different Workshop?

The single shaft paddle blender has a wheel that is easy to move in a different workshop.

12.How do you Control the Mixing Speed?

Through adjusting the frequency converter, the single shaft paddle blender can be adjusted to the speed.

13.What Is the Application?

A single shaft paddle blender is used to mix products in a little bigger size such as rice, corn, beans etc. The products will be lifted in the air and part of the products will be crushed. Also applicable for mixing powder, granules, and can also mix bulk solids with liquids or pastes. It is widely used for food, agriculture, cosmetic, chemical, battery, medical, etc.

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