Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

  • Product Abstract

Single shaft paddle mixer for granules and powders, granules and granules, and mixing with small amounts of liquids. Widely used in nuts, beans, feed and other types of granular materials. There are paddles with different angles inside the machine to throw the material, cross-mix, and achieve the effect of fast and uniform mixing.


  • Working Principle

The main shaft of the machine has two rotation speeds, high speed is used for mixing and low speed can be used for discharging, and the mixer can be started directly with material. The inner wall makes convective motion, and on the other hand, it splashes along the lines on both sides of the blade. When the material flows through the flying knife, it is strongly scattered by the high-speed rotating flying knife. Under the combined action of the paddle and the flying knife, the material is continuously convected, diffused and turned, so as to achieve uniform mixing in a very short time.


  • Application


  • Features
  1. Rotate reversely and throw materials to different angles ,mixing time 1-3mm .
  2. Compact design and rotated shafts be filled with hopper , mixing uniformity  up  to 99% .
  3. Only 2-5mm gap between shafts and wall, open-type discharging hole.
  4. Patent  design  and ensure the rotating axie & discharing hole w/o leakage.
  5. Full weld and polishing process for mixing hopper, w/o any fastening piece like screw ,nut.
  6. The whole machine is made by 100%stainless steel to make its profile elegant except bearing seat.


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