Tested By Most Industries “The V Powder Blender” In China

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What makes a V powder blender unique from other mixers?

Mostly questions for various industries and individual users. In this blog, I will explain what makes the V powder blender unique. Please keep reading.


V powder blender is composed of a mixing tank, frame, plexiglass door, control panel system and other components.

Tops Group V powder blender is unique because the tube, door, and other components are of special features than others. The base is made of a square stainless-steel tube. A round stainless-steel tube serves as the frame. It is simple and safe to clean.

Plexiglass Safe Door

The V powder blender has a plexiglass safe door; it is made for operator’s safety. It has a safety button and when the door is open the machine also automatically stops.

Formed of V-Shaped

V powder blender consists of two inclined cylinders that connect in a form of V-shaped and made up of stainless steel. The V shaped mixer tank is fully welded, and mirror polished, no material storage and easy to clean.

V Shaped Mixer Movable Cover

V shaped mixer feeding inlet has movable cover which is made of stainless steel and rubber sealing edible silicone strip. It is easy to operate through pressing the lever and it gives good performance.

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