The application of a Screw Feeding Machine

The screw feeder is capable of transporting powder and granule material from one machine to another. It is mutually efficient and practical. It can build a production line by work in partnership with other packing machines. Consequently, it is commonly exploited in packing lines, particularly semi-automated and automatic packaging lines. It is typically used in the transportation of powder materials such as milk powder, protein powder, rice powder, milk tea powder, solid beverages, coffee powder, sugar, glucose powder, food additives, feed, medicinal raw materials, pesticides, dyes, flavors, perfumes, and many more.

Major qualities of a Screw Feeding Machine:

  1. Since the hopper vibrates, the material flows down more freely.
  2. The simple linear-type structure is easier to install and to maintain as well.
  3. To meet the needs on the food grade, the entire machine is manufactured of SS304.
  4. Using a cutting-edge, renowned global brand components for pneumatic, electrical and operational parts
  5. To manage well the opening and shutting of the die, the use of a high-pressure double crank is highly recommended.
  6. High automation, intelligent, and pollution-free operation are the best qualities of this machine.
  7. Apply a linker to the air conveyor so that it is connected directly to the filling machine.

Can Connect with Other Machine

Can connect with auger filler.

Can connect with ribbon mixer.

Finally, you must always remember that this machine is very highly recommendable for your needs especially in transporting powder and granule material from one machine to another. It is built with a bigger purpose in order to produce and improve your production line with the partnership of other packing machines. In connection, this machine is perfect to many materials as explain above. Without good material handling and proper troubleshooting, your production will not improve and it may affect your daily operations. Contact us, if any problems encountered in order to resolved it as soon as possible.






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