The Conveyors and their applications

Conveyors are used in multiple industries in order to transport products from one production facility to another via horizontal, inclined, or rotating conveyors. It is essential for automating processes subsequently it saves time and improves industrial operations.

Belt Conveyors:


It is made up of a continuous belt and two or more pulleys that can be used to move numerous products in a straight line or through changes in direction.

Roller Conveyors:


It is a customary of rollers supported by a frame that allows things to be moved. They are recurrently utilized for transporting heavy weights.

Screw Conveyors:

It uses a helical screw to carriage powder and granule material from one machine to another. It can build a production line with this packing machines.

To sum this up, conveyors can be configured with this feature like speed control, automation sensors, and others. A conveyor system is an everyday piece of machinery used in countless industries to move products from one area to another or from one machine to another.



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