The Difference Between a Ribbon Mixer and a Paddle Mixer?

In today’s subject matter, we’ll learn the difference between a ribbon mixer and a paddle mixer.


ribbon and paddle mixer


What is a ribbon mixer?

The ribbon mixer is a horizontal U-shaped design that is ideal for mixing powders, liquids, and granules, and it can mix even small amounts of material in large quantities. A ribbon mixer can be useful in a variety of industries, including construction, agricultural chemicals, food, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and others. A ribbon mixer offers a wide range of mixing options that are highly functional for a more efficient procedure and outcome.

What is paddle mixer?

A paddle mixer is another name for a no-gravity mixer. It is frequently used to mix powders and liquids, as well as granular and powders. It applies to food, chemicals, pesticides, feeding supplies, batteries, and other products. It has a high-precision mixing system that responds to the materials and accurately blends them regardless of gravity, proportion, or particle density. It creates part splitting by incorporating fragmentation equipment.

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