The excellent competences of Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer is widely used in a variation of areas including construction, medicine, food manufacturing and chemicals. It profits the aim for mixing liquid and granular ingredients, as well as powder and liquid. The twin-ribbon agitator which is powered by a motor that speeds up the convective mixing of ingredients.

The characteristics of a Horizontal Ribbon Mixer:

It is made of center-mounted flap dome valve with pneumatic and manual control options that is located at the bottom of the tank. The next one is valve, it has an arc design, that helps to prevent from material buildup and to get rid of any potential dead angles during the mixing process. Any unexpected leakages may prevent during the frequent opening and closing of the valve by the means of trustworthy and constant sealing mechanism.

The mixer’s twin ribbons make it achievable to combine more ingredients quickly and homogeneously in a given period of time. The ribbon and shaft as well as the whole inside of the mixing tank are totally mirror-polished made with stainless steel 304, which is used to manufacture the entire machine.

It has wheels, a safety switch, and other features that make it safe and easy to use.

The Teflon rope seal from Bergman (Germany) and a unique design guarantee zero shaft leakage. That makes the horizontal ribbon mixer made of and its unique characteristics that suits your needs in proceeding your way in completing your full packing line machineries.

Moreover, proper handling makes the machine maintain its performance and longer its lifespan. Shanghai Tops Group is a perfect team that brings full assurance that all machineries showcasing especially ribbon mixer and many more are providing a high-performance level and passed the quality standard with CE certificate. It has 21 years of experience in making different machines that specialize in the fields of designing, manufacturing, supporting and serving a complete line of machinery for a variation of materials that really suites your needs.






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