The importance of Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer

The twin-shaft paddle mixer occasionally referred to as a gravity-free mixer. It is widely used to combine with powder and powder, granules and granules and granules and powder as well as occasionally liquids. It is used in several diverse businesses including those that deal with chemicals, food, animal feed, batteries and insecticides. Here’s the following lists on what is the importance of twin-shaft paddle mixer.

  1. All of the parts are completely welded together, leaving no powder behind and making clean-up simple after mixing.
  2. The ribbon blender’s lid is simple to clean, thanks to its silicone ring and rounded corners.
  3. The ribbon blender has a complete mirror-polished interior within the mixing tank. It includes the ribbon and shaft. It is also made of entirely 304 type stainless steel.
  4. To safeguard the safety of the operators, interlocks and safety switches are evenly used.
  5. The control panel enables the customer’s requirements to be taken into account while choosing the mixing time.
  6. Zero leakage from the revolving axle and the discharge hole is guaranteed by the “W-shaped discharge exit”.
  7. The hydraulic stay bar’s lifetime is improved by its slow-rising construction.

Meanwhile, this couldn’t be happened if the operator’s itself didn’t read the reader’s manual well and knowing the importance of how this machine works. It is highly recommended that before using the machine, make sure that the operator is knowledgeable enough to manipulate it. By knowing the steps, it is the essential way on how to handle it with care and prolonged its durability and longevity.



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