The Liquid Blender


The liquid blender is used for low-speed stirring, high dispersion, dissolving, and blending of liquid and solid products with varying viscosities. The machine is suitable for emulsifying pharmaceuticals. Cosmetics and fine chemicals, especially those with a high matrix viscosity and solid content.


The motor serves as a drive component, causing the triangle wheel to spin. Using the adjustable speed stirring of the paddle in the pot and the homogenizer at the bottom, the materials are completely mixed and uniformly stirred. The procedure is straightforward, low-noise, and efficient.


The main emulsifying pot, a water pot, an oil pot, and a work-frame.


It is applied to many industries, like pharmaceuticals, food, personal care, cosmetics, and the chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry: syrup, ointment, oral liquid and more

Food industry: soup, chocolate, jelly, beverage and more

Personal care industry: shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser and more

Cosmetics industry: creams, liquid eye shadow, makeup remover and more

Chemical industry: oil paint, paint, glue and more


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