The Proper Machine-Specific Workplace

  • Pinpoint an even working area that can accommodate the weight capacity of the Ribbon Blender.
Model TDPM 100 TDPM 200 TDPM 300 TDPM 500 TDPM 1000 TDPM 1500 TDPM


TDPM 3000 TDPM 5000 TDPM 10000
Weight (kg) 180  250  350  500  700 1000 1300 1600 2100 2700
  • The machine’s motor requires a power supply with a 3 KW to 75 KW output range. It’s necessary to put the machine next to an outlet that can supply the required quantity of electricity.

Climate Conditions:

It is vital way to maintain an appropriate temperature that are relative humidity levels in the working and storage environments for the ribbon blender. Inadequate concentrations of these environmental elements might cause corroded and degraded equipment on the quality of the blended materials. The suggested ranges for relative humidity and its temperature are listed in the table below:

Machine                           Temperature                 Humidity

TDPM Series

Ribbon Blender

                                 °C                °F 30-70% RH
18-35            64-95

 Ribbon Blender Placement:

Wear heavy-duty grip gloves and steel-toe boots to prevent injuries when moving the Ribbon Blender.



Shanghai Tops Group advises us to transport the device with a forklift, ideally driven by two individuals. For bigger ranges, it is advised that four people would be involved, two of whom will operate the forklift and the other two will stabilize the unit while it is taken out of the shipping container and set up in the prescribed location.


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