The Tabletop Powder Filling Machine

A tabletop powder filling machine is ideal for filling at low speeds. Because it necessitates the operator placing bottles on a plate beneath the filler and manually removing bottles after filling. It is capable of handling both bottle and pouch packages. In addition, the sensor can be either a tuning fork sensor or a photoelectric sensor. It can be customized as well for your specification.

What Is the Function of the Tabletop Powder Filling Machine?

The Tabletop Powder Filling Machine is the smallest filling machine for a laboratory. It has a unique design appropriate for fluidic or low-fluidity materials such as coffee powder, wheat flour, condiments, solid drinks, veterinary drugs, dextrose, pharmaceuticals, powder additives, talcum powder, agricultural pesticides, dyestuff, and so on. This type of auger filler machine can both dose and fill woks.

-It has precise filling accuracy due to the lathing auger screw. The small auger filler has consistent performance, using a servo motor that drives the screw. It has PLC control and a touch screen display. The materials are all stainless steel 304 and glass. This machine is simple to clean without the use of any tools.

What Materials is the Machine Made Of?

The machine is made of stainless steel 304. All parts of the hopper are fully welded and polished. The hopper can be easily removed and cleaned without the use of any tools.

Can I Use this Machine for Home Purposes?

Yes, it is the smallest model for laboratory use. It is also suitable for home purposes since it is small and manually operated.

Does the Machine Have an Optional Hopper?

Yes, the tabletop powder filling machine has an optional hopper. The half-open hopper and hanging hopper.

Half-open hopper: This level split hopper is easy to clean and open.

Hanging hopper: The lower section of the combine hopper is built for fine powder and has no gaps.


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