The ways on how to deal your personal safety when handling a Powder Mixer

The following recommendations should be followed for personal safety when containing the TDPM Series:

  1. First, Lift the machine using a forklift.
  2. In order to avoid foot damage, put on steel-toe boots.
  3. You should use on heavy-duty grip gloves to ensure a strong hold on the machine.
  4. If necessary, you should put on your back support belt to prevent injury.

These are the precautions when using the TDPM Series for your personal safety:

  1. In order avoid getting tangled up with the machine, avoid wearing loose jewelry.
  2. To avoid tangles, tie back long hair.
  3. You should put a safety eyewear (only while working with harmful products).
  4. Use single-use latex or rubber gloves.
  5. You should use a hairnet (if using food-grade items).
  6. Before you start the mixing procedure, close the discharge valve in order to avoid falling materials.
  7. Lastly, seal the lid to prevent product splashing during mixing, which could lead to unexpected accidents and damage to machine as well.






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