The Zero Leakage Patented Design Ribbon Mixer

The Zero Leakage Patented Design Ribbon Mixer

Shanghai Tops Group ribbon mixer is fully reliable due to its patented technology and zero leakage at the discharge part. Please continue reading!

Our standard procedure is pneumatic embedded valves, but if customers have specific needs, they can be customized.


How Can You Ensure There is No Leakage at Discharge?

The ribbon mixer machine has a design that concave flaps controlled by pneumatic to achieve no leakage at discharge valve.

What Do You Do to Make Sure No Leakage at Shaft Sealing?

Ribbon mixing machine has a complete mirror polished into a tank and a special ribbon and shaft design. Also ribbon mixing machine has the design that contains concave pneumatically controlled flap at the center of the bottom of the tank to ensure a better sealing, no leakage, and no dead mixing angle.

What Type of Shaft Sealing Do You Use?

Double security shaft sealing design with Germany brand Burgmann packing gland ensures zero leaking when testing with water, which has been applied for a patent.


How Do You Guarantee the Concentricity of the Shaft?

A patent for double security shaft sealing. It can guarantee no leakage at shaft sealing and no dead mixing angle.


You can choose your design:


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