Use by Most Industries Locally and Internationally “Powder Mixer” Manufactured in China

Made and produced quality standard of powder mixer.

Powder mixers have different types and features.

TOPS GROUP has developed a powder mixer that can be used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, and other industries. Those machines are multipurpose mixing machine that runs smoothly. It has consistent great quality. Easy installing and maintaining a powder mixer. It has different kinds of machines for powder and granular products such as double ribbon mixer, ribbon mixer, v mixer, single and double shaft paddle mixer. It is composed entirely of stainless steel 304 or 316, and 316 L. The inside and outside of the machine’s mixing tank are totally fully welded and mirror polished.

Different Types of Powder Mixer with Different Features

Ribbon Mixer

It is commonly used in industries like food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. It is used to combine powders, powders with liquid spray, and powders with granules. The material achieves a high effective convective mixing in a short time when the double helix ribbon blender is powered by the motor. Video:

V mixer

A unique design of mixing blender with a glass door that can mix uniformly and be used for a wide range of dry powder and granular materials. It’s a wonderful choice for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries since it is simple, reliable, and easy to clean. It can create a solid-solid combination. It is made up of a work chamber and two cylinders that form a “V” shape.


Paddle mixer

It is suitable for mixing powder and powder, granule and granule, or adding a small amount of liquid, and it is widely used in nuts, beans, fee, and other granular materials. The inside of the machine has different angles of blades thrown up the material, resulting in cross mixing.



Powder Mixer Manufacturing Capabilities

A reputable manufacturer that produces a variety of powder mixer. Tops Group has been manufacturing for over 21 years of service. We have expert workers with years of experience that can deliver high-quality powder mixer work.

Tops Group also exports to countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Whether you’re a consumer or a wholesaler, our machines can be adjusted to meet your specific needs in terms of additional function design or size and capacity model.

If you are wondering why most industries and individuals trust and rely on our powder mixer machine, it is because of these following:

-The spare parts of the powder mixer come from a famous brand.

– With CE and Patent Certificates

– Perfect sealing valve

– We can customize your powder mixer according to what you desire.

– Proven and tested for effective mixing results.




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