What is auger filling machine?

Auger fillers are often used for the volumetric metering of bulk materials, i.e., powdery or granular materials. They convey and dispense the material from the container with a rotating screw through the dosing feeder and guide it, using a funnel, to the packaging process. The gravimetric and volumetric dosing with augers offers a simple and affordable solution for continuous dosing or batching. Auger-type dosing devices work precisely, allowing for easy cleaning. Furthermore, It’s easy and quick to convert dosing devices for new products.We also have automatic filling machine ,semi auto filling  machine ,semi auto weighing filling  machine .

This type can do dosing and filling work. Due to the special professional design, so it is suitable to the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like coffee powder, wheat flour, condiment, solid drink, veterinary drugs, dextrose, pharmaceuticals, powder additive, talcum powder, agriculture pesticide, dyestuff, and so on.


  • Lathing auger screw to guarantee the precise fillingaccuracy
  • PLC control and touch screendisplay
  • Servo motor drives screw to guarantee stableperformance
  • Quick disconnecting hopper could be washed easily withouttools
  • Can be setting to semi-auto filling by pedal switch or autofilling
  • Full stainless steel 304material
  • weightfeedback and proportion track to materials, which overcomes difficulties of filling weight changes due to materials’ density
  • Save 20 sets of formula inside the machine for lateruse
  • Replacingthe auger parts, different products ranging from fine powder to granule and different weight can be packed
  • Multi languageinterface


         Important Components


An auger filling system has five main sub-systems:


  1. Drive assembly: This includes the motor, transmission and start / stop mechanisms for accurate filling. Machines with clutch and brake or servo systems are available.


  1. Hopper: This is the vessel which holds the material that is being packed. The material is supplied to the tooling from the hopper.


  1. Tooling: Tooling consists of those systems that can be changed to suit the requirements. Tooling depends on the type of material being filled and the application. Usually, it consists of the auger, agitator(s), funnel and other filling components.


  1. Support structure: This is the structure on which the whole system stands.


  1. Controls: Mechanisms which allow the operator to control the machine.
  •   Application

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