What is double paddle mixer good for?

What is double paddle mixer good for?

Let’s talk about what a double paddle mixer is useful for, which industries it works well for, and how it works in today’s blog.

Double paddle mixer is also called no gravity mixer. It is widely used in mixing powder and powder, granular and granular, granular and powder, and a few liquids. It has a high-precision mixing machine that responds to mixing; perfectly mixes ingredients with varying gravity, proportion, and different particle size. By adding fragmentation equipment, it creates portion fragmentation. The quality of the mixer can range from SS304, SS316 and so on.

Operational Concept:

Material is mixed back and forth, driven by the blades. It is also sheared and divided by the meshing area between the twin shafts, and it is mixed quickly and uniformly.

  • A double paddle mixer has two horizontal paddle shafts, one for each paddle.
  • Two cross paddle shafts are used to move crossover and patho-occlusion with the driven equipment.
  • The revolving paddle provides centrifugal force during high-speed rotation. It is spilling the material to the upper half of the barrel and then falling (the vertex of material is in a so-called instant non-gravity state).

Application Industries:

Double paddle mixer is commonly used in industries such as:

Food industry- food products, food ingredients, food additives food processing AIDS in various fields, and in the pharmaceutical intermediate, brewing, biological enzymes, food packaging materials are also widely used.

Agricultural industry- Pesticide, fertilizer, feed and veterinary medicine, advanced pet food, new plant protection production, and in cultivated soil, microbial utilization, biological compost, and desert greening.

Chemical industry- Epoxy resin, polymer materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials, nanomaterials and other rubber and plastic chemical industry; Silicon compounds and silicates and other inorganic chemicals and various chemicals.

Battery industry- Battery material, lithium battery anode material, lithium battery cathode material and carbon material raw material production.

Comprehensive industry- Car brake material, plant fiber environmental protection products, edible tableware, etc.




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