What is Filling Capping Machine and its purpose?

This equipment is used to fill and seal items that have spray bottle caps or pump caps. Customization is also available based on bottle samples provided by the client. Through this machine, it combines the functions of rapidly filling containers with liquid or semi-liquid materials, inserting, and capping. Filling precision is excellent, and the pass rate exceeds 99%.

Here’s a quick rundown of how filling capping machine works:


Bottle Feeder Conveyor

The conveyor is used to rapidly feed bottles into the machine. It performs effectively and the bottle size seemed easily adjustable.




Tracking Bottles and Filling

The bottles will be transported to the filling process. It has a screw-style bottle placement mechanism with high precision. The containers have the correct number of products filled with.


Once the containers are full, they will be transported to the cap station. Cap feeders with controllers can be adjusted in order to accommodate various lid sizes. Ascertain that the cap seal reaches 99% of the qualifying rate.


Fast clamp connection

All pieces are secured with quick-release clamps for simple removal and cleaning.



There are things to remember, this machine can be customized for your specific applications where it is useful and necessary for sustaining product quality.




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