What is the function of ribbon mixer blade design?

What is the function of ribbon mixer blade design?

Using a ribbon mixer blade design, it blends numerous powders together with liquid mist, granule-containing powder, etc. The ribbon mixer blade design allows the material to quickly achieve a high level of effective convective mixing. It is widely used in many industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, construction line and more.

Material from the sides is brought into the center by the outer ribbon.

The material is pushed from the center to the sides by the inner ribbon.


Ribbon mixer for dry powder mixing        Ribbon mixer for powder with liquid spray

Ribbon mixer for granule mixing


Uniform blending: is thoroughly mixing materials, and the outcome would be uniformly mixed.





Flexibility: It is used in a multitude of industries, such as agriculture, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and more.




Customization: Spray systems, jacket systems for heating and cooling, weighing checkers, and other features can be added to ribbon mixers to meet individual needs.

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