What Product can Auger Filler Handle? 

These machines can dose and fill. Pharma, agricultural, chemical, food, construction, and other industries use auger fillers. It can be used for fine granular materials, low-fluidity materials, and other applications.

Working principle of each type of auger filler:

Semi-automatic Auger Filler


The low-speed filling is for the semi-auto auger filler. Since the operator must manually arrange bottles on a plate under the filler and move them away after filling, it can deal with both bottles and pouches.

Semi-auto Filling with Pouch Clamp


After stamping the pedal plate, the pouch clamp will automatically hold the bag. After being filled, it will automatically release the bag. The TP-PF-B12 is the largest one.

Line-type Auto Filling for Bottles


In powder bottle filling, a line-type automatic filler is often used. To get an automatic packing line, it can be linked to a screw conveyor, powder mixer, capping machine, and labeling machine.

Rotary Auto Type


A high-speed rotary auger filler is used to add the powder to bottles. Because the bottle wheel can only take one diameter, this type of auger filler is best for customers who only have one or two-diameter bottles.

Double head linear type, rotary type and 4 heads auger filler




High-speed filling is achieved using a double-head filling line, dual head rotary type and four heads auger filling.

Powder Packing system



When the auger filler is combined with the packing machine, a powder packing machine is formed. It can be used in collaboration with a roll film sachet filling and sealing machine, as well as a micro doypack packing machine, a rotary pouch packing machine, or a premade pouch packing machine.


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